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Watching The CSPAN Debate On The Secure Fence Act of 2006 (HR 6061) [Update]

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I've been watching the debate in the House over the Secure Fence Act of 2006 (HR 6061) which approves 700 miles of border fence along our southern border.

It just amazes me the ridiculous arguments against the fence. Here what I've heard from opponents arguing against the fence.

So far I've heard that people in towns along the border like to cross and shop on the other side (do they regularly do this illegally across the desert?). I've also heard that the bill doesn't address the northern border, but those who have argued about that haven't brought their own bill forward any time in the past couple years to do something about the northern border. I've heard that -- and I'm not kidding here -- like "Humpty Dumpty", Republicans are going to fall off this wall. Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) said "Humpty Dumpty" about 10 times and seemed really unprepared and out of breath as he showed up really late and they had to keep skipping while they waited for him. It's good to see that he cared enough and opposed this fence so vigorously that at 2PM in the afternoon he couldn't be waiting for the debate and his turn to speak. I've heard that putting up a wall is more expensive than hiring thousands and thousands of border patrol agents and having to pay them year after year indefinitely.

I've heard that even debating this bill is a waste of time from almost all of those against it. Well you know what, this Congress is the least working Congress ever, only working a little more than a hundred days. I'm sorry that the American people are wasting a few hours of your time to look at securing our border and our country,

The only argument that I can agree with that's been against the border fence is that this bill was brought up because of the coming election. But do you really think that the American people, who want their border secure, care whether the issue was forced because of an approaching election?

No way! They want the problem solved and I don't think they particularly care what started the ball rolling.

One good thing I did hear, faxes are pouring into their offices opposing the Senate amnesty bill and bricks have also been filling their offices from the Send a Brick campaign in support of building a wall.

I'll be updating this throughout the debate.


One other thing those opposing the bill are arguing is that it doesn't include more Border Patrol agents, surveillance and technology enhancements. Well you know what? If it's not in this bill, submit your own! If you want so many Border Patrol agents submit a bill that includes the hiring of an additional 10,000! There's no law that says every part of an issue has to be address in a bill. Submit your own if you care so much, or are you just throwing up an argument for no reason at all?

Update 3:30PM EST

Looks like they'll be having a few 5 minute votes before the actual voting goes down.

Update 3:43PM EST

Bill passes with 283 Yea's!

I'll be posting a new entry with the results and who voted for and against the bill when the data comes out


My new entry on the rollcall and final vote on the Secure Fence Act of 2006

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