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Tom Tancredo Introduces Voter Integrity Protection (VIP) Act Bill Punishing States That Don't Verify Voter Citizenship

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Congressman Tom Tancredo introduced a bill last week that would punish states that refuse to verify that voters are legal citizens eligible to vote. The punishments include up to a 40% reduction in a states highway funding for any states that don't comply and continue to seem to endorse voting by those not eligible, including illegal aliens.

The bill is entitled the Voter Integrity Protection Act (VIP Act).

Tom Tancredo House Website

“In some parts of our country, all residents are granted a de facto right to vote, regardless of whether or not they are citizens. Such widespread voter fraud blurs the line between residency and citizenship and it reinforces the message that you don’t need to be an American to have every right and privilege of American citizenship. If even non-citizens can vote, what value does American citizenship have anymore?” said Tancredo. “Illegal votes undermine our democracy. The VIP Act would help preserve the integrity of our democratic system, which is one of the most important responsibilities we have in Congress.”


“In many states today, you can register to vote without ever being required to show that you are a citizen. Motor-voter registration and a rise in absentee ballots have only exacerbated voter fraud. If certain states are really so committed to protecting illegal aliens who vote, let them put their money where their mouth is and take a hard hit in federal funding,” said Tancredo.

I really see no way that you can defend a state that doesn't verify it's voters eligibility. The tired argument that it puts too much burden on voters or the poor is a total crock. If you want to vote go through the steps of proving you're eligible. With most states issuing state ID cards for a few dollars with proof of citizenship there is absolutely no reason not to have a valid identification of some form. If you're not willing to go through proper channels to prove your voter eligibility -- as all the rest of us have done -- then you shouldn't vote.

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