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Illegal Aliens To March In Chicago Again Wednesday

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In an effort to further show the amount of illegal aliens who have managed to flood into our country and demand amnesty, pro illegal alien groups in Chicago plan to take to the streets Wednesday. Frustrated that their amnesty Senate bill is losing support as more and more is being exposed about how flawed and damaging it is, illegal aliens are sick of losing the attention they think they want.

Chicago Tribune

Grass-roots organizers are planning another major immigration march in Chicago next week, hoping a third massive showing in the streets of the Loop will bring new momentum to stalled efforts to liberalize immigration laws.

Advocates said a march will kick off at noon Wednesday at Union Park on the West Side, culminating in a rally at Federal Plaza, 230 S. Dearborn St.

Four months ago, tens of thousands of marchers followed that same path, a dramatic mobilization that brought demands for legalization of illegal immigrants to the forefront nationwide.


In recent weeks, some of the organizers' rhetoric and positions have become more forceful. After expressing general support for immigrants in the first two marches, many organizers now say they want a plan that legalizes all immigrants, They say they will not accept a compromise

Keep on marching I say. Each time they march polls show that more and more Americans are getting pissed off and fed up with the demands these criminal invaders are making after they have received so much already. Each time they march the closer we get to true immigration reform, crack downs on their employers, immigration raids and a border wall.

I actively encourage them to continue coming out by the millions so that all Americans can see what a crappy job the federal government has done regarding this issue and are forced into action by pissed off voters to actually do something about it.

Tipped by: Freedom Folks who say it's a war.

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How opportune...round them all up and deport them. Or better yet, put them to work to earn their own tickets home.

Posted by: Mr. No Illegals on August 3, 2006 05:49 PM

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