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Herndon, VA Mayor Loses Election For Supporting Illegal Aliens

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Herndon, VA Mayor Michael O'Reilly was defeated in a taste of justice from voters that is sure to spread throughout the county. Mayor O'Reilly was a supporter of a day labor center that helped in the hiring of illegal aliens and opened late last year. A local resident, Steve DeBenedittis, was opposed to the center and fed up with illegal immigration and the mayor for this traitorous act, so he entered the race for mayor.

DeBenedittis defeated the incumbent by 130 votes. The residents are fed up with this total disregard for laws in the country and proved it by voting out a majority of the town council as well.


The day labor site in Herndon may have changed the face of politics in Herndon.

Steve DeBenedittis, a resident who opposed the center, has been elected mayor of Herndon, defeating incumbent Michael O'Reilly.

DeBenedittis captured 1,363 votes, 130 more than O'Reilly.
The center opened late last year, replacing a chaotic unofficial site in a 7-Eleven parking lot as a spot for employers to recruit day laborers.

There was also turnover on the Herndon town council, as only two, Dennis Husch and Harlon Reece, were re-elected. Connie Hutchinson, Dave Kirby, Bill Tirrell and Charlie Waddell have been newly elected to the council.

Congratulations Mayor DeBenedittis!

Tipped by: Michelle Malkin

Other Commentary:

Right Wing Nuthouse is fed up and has this to say:

I’ve had it with the smug, self-righteous group of immigration “reform” advocates who are calling those of us who support the rule of law over rule of politics “racists” and even (irony of ironies) “UN-American.” It reflects a towering intellectual dishonesty about the issue when your opponents feel free to distort the true nature of the opposition to illegal immigration by setting up so many strawmen that one would think the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz was on a self-replication binge, dotting the political landscape with enough copies of himself to populate a medium sized city.

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Posted by Digger on May 4, 2006 12:01 AM (Permalink)

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I did a review of a number of news articles and compiled a list of firms which we should boycott. It would be nice if someone could maintain this list and add to it as necessary. These firms shut down their facilities on May 1st because of one or more of the following:

1) they hire a large number of illegal aliens

2) they hire a large number of illegal alien supporters

3) they are in "solidarity" with illegal aliens

The list follows:

Cargill Meat Solutions (beef/turkey/pork, Angus Pride, Shady Brook Farms, Excel, Sterling Silver, HoneySuckle White, Taylor Beef, Prairie Grove Farms, Tender Choice)

Custom Rubber Products, North Houston, TX

Gallo (Wines – lots of brands found here http://jobs.gallo.com/Portfolio/TableWines.asp and Indigo Hills Blanc de Blancs, Tott's, Ballatore Spumante, André, and E&J VS Brandy, E&J VSOP Brandy, E&J Cognac, E&J Cask & Cream, Cask & Cream Chocolate Temptation, Cask & Cream Caramel Temptation)

Goya Foods (http://www.goya.com/english/products.html)

Hispanic Employment and Labor Pool, Inc. (HELP), Birmingham, Alabama (helpinc@charter.net)

McDonald's restaurants

Mike & Travis Collins Vidalia onions, Collins, GA

Old Ebbitt Grill restaurant, Washington, DC

Perdue Farms (chicken, http://www.perdue.com/products/index.html)

Ritmo Latino music stores

Salsbery Brothers Landscaping, Carmel, Indiana

Seaboard Corp. (also PrairieFresh and Daily’s, pork products)

ServiceMaster Landscaping

Swift foods (also Rica Foods, beef and pork)

Tyson Foods (chicken, beef, & pork products, also Crustano's Sandwich Crafters, Orville and Wilbur's, Sunset Strips, K-12 Sunset Strips, Ancho Grill, Pickens'Fried Chicken, Bonici Brothers)

Wells Fargo (didn't shut down to my knowledge, but they give loans to illegal aliens)

Citibank (didn't shut down to my knowledge, but they give loans to illegal aliens)

Posted by: Andy on May 4, 2006 09:39 AM

mike o'reilly made that labor center to clean up the streets, which were flooded with mexicans looking for work. The 7-11 parking would be completely taken over with up to hundreds of mexicans. Local government doesnt have the power to deport these illegal aliens. He did the best he could with the power he had. You should be made at federal government for not giving local the power to do what is needed. Atleast they werent loitering around our shops and stores.

Posted by: william bottiny on March 6, 2009 01:01 PM

Jeff Salsbery President of the Carmel Indiana Chamber of Commerce and owner of Salsbery Brothers Landscaping in Carmel Indiana told us he recieved a letter from the social security administration in 2000 demanding that he terminate the employement of certain employees listed because their social security numbers were not valid. He terminated them, then about a week later rehired them all back as sub contractors. Jeff Salsbery said he could use this loop hole to keep his valuable illegal imigrants (some with criminal records)employed. Many of those same people are still employed today, but are no longer sub contractors. They are hourly again. While they were subcontractors, they still punched his time clock every day, used all company tools and vehicles and were managed by Salsbery Brothers staff directly. During a round table meeting an employee started asking questions about what would happen if the E-Verify law got passed in Indiana, and stated if it did, Salsbery Brothers would lose at least 50% of its work force, the employee questioning the illegals activity within the company was fired 3 days later. That individual had checked some of the employees social security numbers on a web site to evaluate how many workers would need to be replaced if the law passed. Most of the numbers checked were registered to either dead people or never been issued by the US government. Salsbery Brothers continues to knowingly and openly employ 25-35 illegal aliens to this day while thousands of Indiana families go un-employed.

Posted by: george on April 26, 2009 10:53 AM

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