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Two Thirds Of Americans Want Border Enforcement Before New Immigration Laws

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The latest Rasmussen poll shows that two thirds of Americans want the border controlled and existing laws -- which includes slamming employers for hiring illegals -- enforced before any new immigration laws are put in place.

More than two thirds also believe that illegal aliens here can be reduced. This is contrary to what you'd hear from most media outlets and politicians who seem to just accept that illegal immigration happens and that it should be ignored.

40% want all of the 11-20 million illegal aliens to be deported immediately. This shows that 40% in no way would accept a path to legalization for illegal aliens currently here. Also only 39% believe that illegal aliens with a job should be allowed to have a legal means to stay. So much for general support of a guest worker program for illegal aliens already here.

I think the American people are just about fed up with these illegal aliens and want them out. Seeing them march down the streets making demands while flying foreign flags has probably only fueled the fire. And rightfully so.

Recently organizers of these rallies have been pleading with the illegal aliens and their supporters to only bring American flags to any further protests since they realize that telling the truth about what they really want -- which is portions of America be given to Mexico and any laws against border enforcement or controls on immigration be dropped for Mexicans. They also want vast handouts for illegal aliens currently here.


In our survey, we informed respondents that there are 11 million illegal aliens living in the United States [11 million is the low end figure, the true number is likely closer to 20 million - Digger] and that more than half have lived here for more than five years. Upon hearing those facts, 40% favored forcibly requiring all 11 million to leave the United States.

In other words the American people are saying get the fuck out!

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Posted by Digger on April 9, 2006 05:41 AM (Permalink)


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I live in Austin Texas.
I was a a mexican food restaurant this afternoon and it was packed!
Come to find out, the owner had carloads of family members coming in for the immigrant march tomorrow here in Austin. My stars, if there aren't enough of them, they are bringing in even more!
Close the damn border quickly!

Posted by: Melissa Rutledge on April 9, 2006 11:00 PM

I think enough is enough, and we have more than enough - send them all back!

Posted by: xxxx on April 19, 2006 05:36 PM

Most of those illegal aliens are doing jobs that americans do not want or refuse to do. 90% of them do not get any kind of federal assistance. They come up here to better themselves. They have jobs and maintain those jobs. Most of them have tried or know someone who has tried coming here through the legal channels only to be met with just as much corruption and exploitation as the ones who come over illegally.

Posted by: Sesulia on April 20, 2006 05:15 PM

There is only one way to put a stop to the illegal migration of hispanics into this country. That is to stop talking and start taking action. We need to start marching in vast numbers on Washington D.C. and picketing the immigration offices across the nation and demand that something be done immediately,and not leave until it is. In addition, we need to begin operations to seek out what companies are hiring them and start picketing those companies and if necessary sue them and give them as much bad publicity as we can. We need to put our warnings to companies on billboards in Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Antonio and across the U.S. that if you hire illegals, we will find you out and make sure you are prosecuted. When you people are ready to stop talking and start an action march, let me know. I'm ready. Stop bitching about the problem and deal with it! Nothing will be solved by spineless chatter.

Posted by: John smythe on April 9, 2007 10:04 PM

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