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Update on Violence at Yesterday's IFIRE/Minuteman Protest

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NWITimes has coverage of the assault of two Chicago Minuteman Project members here. My coverage from yesterday is here.

The NWITimes captions their lead photograph thusly:

Members of the Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement and the Chicago Minuteman Project tangle with counterprotesters Saturday morning outside Bank Calumet in Munster. Federation and Minuteman members were protesting the bank offering home loans to undocumented immigrants. A fight broke out between several members of each group, prompting police to separate the two groups of marchers.
Since they did a really good job of making IFIRE and CMP the subject attached to the verb tangle, trying to mislead readers into thinking that we started the "fisticuffs," here's a little help, for anyone who gives a shit about what actually happened:

Susana Findley, a Gary native whose parents were born in Mexico, said illegal immigrant workers arrived here for the same reason federation members' ancestors arrived: To find work and a better life."

"But those racist immigrants forget about that," said Findley, nodding toward the federation's camp.

Well, she was pointing at me, and I'm neither a racist nor an immigrant. But facts did not seem to be the focus (or even within the mental grasp, for that matter) of the counter-protesters. A phrase that comes up often from people who are against HR4437 -- because facts to support their anti-American, pro-ILLEGAL-immigrant position are non-existent -- is "mean-spirited."

I don't find wanting what is best for my country, including the enforcement of its laws and a beneficial immigration policy, mean-spirited. It's my right. But, if I ever wanted a lesson in mean-spiritedness, I'd have to look nor further than yesterday's counter-protesting crowd.

"I wished he fell to the ground harder," Findley said.
I guess when you're THAT wrong, enjoying the attack of a 63-year-old man, and wishing he'd suffered more injury and pain, may be the only satisfaction you get in your sad, pathetic life.

Mean-spirited, indeed.

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Posted by Freedom Folks on March 26, 2006 03:13 PM (Permalink)

» Right Thoughts...not right wing, just right. linked with Idiots and morons, an ongoing series

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I would have to agree with the guy saying if it wasnt for the mexicans are lawns would not get mowed and are weeds wouldnt get pulled.But i have to say this WHEN I ORDER FROM YOU GUYS GET MY ORDER RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.I hate getting my food and you guys fuck it up and i have to go in side and have you fix it cause you dnt know any fucken english.If you are so proud of mexico then why did you come over here and try and screw up somthing good that we have built?If you hate mexico so bad and you want to be citizens so bad take that stupid sticker with your flag and put a USA flag considering that you live in AMERICA.Y should we have to learn spanish to adapt with you in AMERCIA?If i went to mexico you would see a how to learn spanish book in my hands 24/7,I wouldnt be expecting you guys to learn english just cause im there in your country.Clean up your own mess in your country dnt ignore it and go fuck up your neighbors house cause you cant handle your shit!!!!!!!!!!All i hear from your stupid is that we stole this country from native americans but you know if we wouldnt of taken it and turned it into the great country that it is,you guys or the natives couldnt of ever made it to what it is now you would of made it a shit hole like your country is today.

Posted by: cpt on March 29, 2006 11:44 PM

Are the (presumably American) Blacks in the foto helping what looks like a Latino rough up some guy (presumably a 'Minuteman')? If so, this just goes to show how dumb some Blacks are, as they have been and will continue to be hurt the most by immigration, since it is massively importing what amounts to economic competition for them. I guess they are just too giddy about having some 'hate Whitey' allies to think about that aspect of it.

Posted by: eh on March 30, 2006 07:49 AM

Whatever happened to the American dream? Now these vigilanty groups are causing havok everywhere they go. The fact that the American Government can't seem to do their job, doesn't give the Minutemen (lead by the same hatred that the Nazis were back in 1932) a free ticket to harrass even one human being. If you are afraid of terrorism just wait until the Great Judgement Day when you will be held accountable for the evil in your Minuteman hearts.

Posted by: Big Mike on May 22, 2006 11:22 AM

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