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Welcome to Maywood, Where Roads Open Up for Immigrants

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This article in the LA Times should frighten any American who believes in the rule of law...(emphasis mine)

Source: LA Times

At a time when communities across the nation are considering efforts to crack down on illegal immigration, one small city south of downtown Los Angeles is charting a different course.

In Maywood, where 96% of the residents are Latino, and more than half are foreign-born, the City Council has vowed to make the municipality a "sanctuary city" for illegal immigrants, and over the last few months it has set out to prove it.

First, the city eliminated the Police Department's traffic division after complaints that officers unfairly targeted illegal immigrants. Then it made it much more difficult for police to tow cars whose owners didn't have driver's licenses, a practice that affected mostly undocumented people who could not obtain licenses.

In January, the City Council passed a resolution opposing a proposed federal law that would criminalize illegal immigration and make local police departments enforce immigration law. Now, some in the community are pushing to rename one of the city's elementary schools after former Mexican President Benito Juarez and debating measures to improve the lives of illegal immigrants. *snip*

Even within the city, the stance is controversial. Longtime residents believe the City Council has gone too far and is embracing lawlessness. They also question whether Maywood can handle more illegal immigrants.

"I'm afraid we're testing the limits of the law, and that's dangerous," said longtime resident J. Luis Ceballos, 52. "I think there is a danger of people thinking that they can do whatever they want."

For years under the previous majority, the city's police set up sobriety checkpoints that began in the afternoon. But the roundups also nabbed many drivers who simply didn't have licenses, most of them illegal immigrants.

The city had a 30-day car impound period, which resulted in large fines for the immigrants. The city stopped the checkpoints amid complaints, but many illegal immigrants were still being stopped and having their cars impounded because they had driven without licenses.

In many cities that might have been seen as normal, even expected. But in a city where so many residents were undocumented, the practice was controversial.

Aguirre, who runs immigration service center Comite Pro-Uno, became a major critic of the city. Activist groups and the St. Rose of Lima Church joined him in the fight.

Together they led opposition to the towing, saying that the city's real motive was to raise money on the backs of its large illegal immigrant population.

"People felt like they were being persecuted," said Father David Velazquez of St. Rose. "Hundreds of cars were being taken away."

A coalition formed that essentially supported a slate of candidates, including Aguirre. They won in the November election, in which the city's treatment of immigrants was a major issue.

"They said, 'Sam is anti-immigrant, he's not with our people,' " Peña said. "My parents are immigrants…. So I sympathize."

The election had a record turnout: more than 3,500 out of 5,800 registered voters.

After taking office at the end of last year, the new council quickly dismantled the city's traffic department. They stopped towing. They allowed people without driver's licenses — mostly undocumented workers — to get permits for overnight parking.

The council also rescinded a law that prohibited residents from erecting shade canopies at their homes. The law, passed by the old council, was seen as a slap at undocumented residents who used the canopies to create more usable living space.

The actions have been met with cheers by some of the city's illegal immigrants.

Can someone explain to me how this isn't a foreign power taking control of an American city?  I mean, I'm trying to be fair here, but this looks an awful lot like a foreign power taking over an American city.  And of course, what are their first actions?

Promoting lawlessness!  Kind of like the third world countries they come from.  Is this really what we want to be promoting in America?  Some Muslims, I suppose, would like to see Sharia law instituted in their communities.  If they acheive high enough numbers shall we allow Sharia law?

There is one line in this that chills my blood and shows me in no uncertain terms that these folks have no use for this country other than as a place to come and make money...

"They said, 'Sam is anti-immigrant, he's not with our people,' " Peña said. "My parents are immigrants…. So I sympathize."

Our people?  Whoever might Senor Pena being talking about? I assume he doesn't mean his fellow Americans, nope, I think he's referring to his fellow countrymen.  From his country Mexico, not America. 

My primary beef with illegal immigration comes down to citizenship.  When you allow too many people in whom owe no allegiance to this country you are simply putting a down payment on future trouble.  Every single time in history where this has happened it ended in bloodshed, and no I'm not kidding.  Anyone here recall Bosnia?  And that's merely one example amongst hundreds.

And of course, when a large enough contingent of people come from countries that do not respect the rule of law common sense would dictate if their allowed to colonize an area as their own they will simply fall back into the bad habits of their homelands. 

Maywood to me is a sobering example of what we are slowly but surely becoming.  Let me reiterate, this has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with citizenship and if you are one of those quislings who just can't wait for America to get what she has coming let me leave you with these words from the Atzlan movement...

“Por La Raza todo. Fuera
de La Raza nada"

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