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Real Life Steps In: The Hills Have Eyes Mini-Review

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Wow, I've been super busy in the real world the past few days. The wife's been out of town for awhile and I've been working on the house trying to get things in order after our 8 year detour to California.

When we got back here to New York a little over 6 months ago we just tried to get back on track and cleaning and taking care of the house was secondary. So over the past few days I've buckled down and emptied this place of all the accumulated crap and did some needed repairs. Thankfully weather has been semi-cooperative with some nice temperatures and I even kicked the windows open for a day to air the place out it was so nice.

The garbage man will surely be busy tomorrow at our house.

I also took a break. With one kid at a slumber party, I took the oldest to the mall and a movie. We saw "The Hills Have Eyes". What a gory horror movie. Wes Craven wrote the original screenplay in 1977. All I have to say is that he has some sort of fetish with pick-axes and heads. I can't really spoil it by telling you that American patriotism was alive and well in the theater as all the men in there let out manly shouts of joy at having a pole with an American flag on it shoved through some monsters throat. There was also some slaps at Democrats, which is always nice. In the end I'd say the main overriding theme to the movie is "everyone's a Democrat until they've had a crime happen to them". Watch a hippie transform!

I'm not a real horror fan, but overall I'd say if you like horror -- with the occasional gore fest thrown in -- this one has a semi-decent story. I was never bored. It was also my oldest kids first horror movie in a theater, so I also had the joy at watching her jump halfway out of her chair about 10 times. I also had to shush her a few times because she was laughing at inappropriate times, the little psycho. She's a horror freak, but there's a big difference between watching Hellraiser on DVD in a dark room and having booming sound surround you, giant 100 times normal deformed heads and blood in your face.

Anyway, I hope to get back to regular posting soon.

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