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French Open To Immigration Reform, "Sarko" To Address Issue With Hard Line

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nicolas-sarkozy.jpgAfter the French riots throughout the country last year many in the country seem more open to immigration reform. Could we actually learn something from the French? Will it take more outrages like the illegal alien attacks on rallies before we wake up and accept reforms as well?

French presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy has now put forth the common sense immigration reform of favoring needed immigration for jobs over just randomly giving immigration entry to those wanting to come to the country to join family. In addition he wants to implement tougher illegal alien expulsion laws kicking them out faster.

Muslims in the country see it as an attack on their rights to riot and burn cars. The unemployed and those with no skills also spoke out. One place there was relatively no sound was from the left in the country who, just like the left in this country, seems to want as many illegal aliens in the country as possible, but realize that speaking out at this time would piss off the population of citizens even more than it already is. France is sick of these troublemakers who either snuck into the country or were brought into the country to sit on their ass collecting from the taxpayers while not contributing.

Americans are just as pissed off, but we seem to not want to do anything until we reach the level of rioting in France or a terrorist finally acts after having snuck through our almost non-existent border and interior enforcement.

Times Online

Only a year ago it might have provoked angry demonstrations and even a humiliating government retreat, but when Nicolas Sarkozy, the conservative interior minister and presidential hopeful, unveiled radical measures last week to curb immigration there was scarcely a murmur of dissent.

Under the new rules, highly skilled immigrants will be favoured over those coming to France to join family. The government will also have greater powers to expel illegal immigrants. “We no longer want immigration that is inflicted on us,” said Sarkozy, the son of a Hungarian immigrant, whose “zero tolerance” policing and American campaigning techniques have shaken up French politics.

Muslim groups were infuriated, interpreting it as a blow to north Africans in favour of Asian job seekers.

The relatively mild response from the left, however, suggested a change of mood in France, as did the surprisingly muted protests against a government scheme that would make it easier to sack young workers in their first two years in a job: unions had promised a turnout of at least 1m people. It was only a fraction of that.

Are we seeing a French revolution? I think so as "Sarko", as Nicolas Sarkozy is known over there, is facing Dominique de Villepin the prime minister under Chirac. Nobody likes Chirac, not even the French. De Villepin is weak kneed and wimpy.

Having seen his approval rating soar after referring to troublemakers in the immigrant suburbs as “scum”, Sarkozy wants to make it harder for illegal immigrants to gain residency by marrying a French citizen. His proposed law emphasises the need for immigrants to adapt to the French way of life or risk deportation.

... de Villepin ... is backing a less radical approach than the “Blairist” Sarkozy and, although endorsing the immigration proposals, has vociferously defended the French social model. He dismisses Bavarez and his followers as “prophets of doom”.

De Villepin endorses a model that has caused massive rioting and burning of cars? Good to see he's a realist.

One other thing about Sarkozy, he supports castration of sex offenders.

I wish we had a "Sarko" over here in the US. Someone who was actually willing to do something rather than stand around and not admit that there are problems. I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

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