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Full Tomb Found In Valley Of The Kings

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The first intact tomb since Howard Carter discovered King Tut's tomb in 1922 was uncovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. This is exciting news! There are 5 sarcophagi and mummies in the tomb.

In another life I may have been an archaeologist as it fascinates me. The added knowledge this tomb may bring could solve some mysteries in the time-line of ancient Egypt. It doesn't appear that the tomb was that of a Pharaoh as it was not loaded with loot, but since there hasn't been an in depth analysis of the tomb since it's covered by rubble it may be that way due to some looting.

It was widely believed that the Valley of the Kings had nothing else to offer.


The tomb’s spare appearance suggests it was not dug for a pharaoh, said U.S. archaeologist Kent Weeks, who was not involved in the University of Memphis team’s find but has seen photographs of the site. “It could be the tomb of a king’s wife or son, or of a priest or court official,” he told The Associated Press on Thursday.


Egypt’s antiquities authority has said only that the single-chamber tomb contains five wooden sarcophagi, in human shapes with colored funerary masks, surrounded by 20 jars with their pharaonic seals intact — and that the sarcophagi contain mummies, likely from the 18th Dynasty, some 3,500-3,300 years ago.


Officials were tightlipped Thursday, a day after announcing the find. Calls to Hawass and other officials were not answered. American archaeologist Otto Schaden, who headed the team that uncovered the site, declined to answer any questions when contacted by The Associated Press.

Photos released by the Supreme Council of Antiquities showed the interior of the tomb — the bare stone walls undecorated — with at least five sarcophagi of blackened wood amid white jars, some apparently broken. What appeared to be a sixth sarcophagus was set on top of two of the other coffins, though the council’s statement mentioned only five.

... it raises hopes that even more burial sites will be found in the Valley of the Kings, which experts believed held only 62 tombs, labeled KV1-KV62 by archaeologists.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we discover more tombs in the next 10 years. For a long time, people thought there was nothing left to find and excavations seemed unlikely to produce much. So instead, they concentrated on recording what was already there,” Weeks said.

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This is amazing. I have seen the King Tut display and it is all fascinating. I look forward to hearing all the details.

Posted by: Debbie on February 10, 2006 02:09 PM

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