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Human Smuggling Ring Busted in Rio Grande Valley

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(Edinburg, Texas) Here's some positive news from the border. A smuggling ring has been shut down. Unfortunately, it would be my guess that it's only one of dozens.

From Team4News.com:

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino believes his investigators have dismantled a human smuggling operation responsible for smuggling 10 to 15 illegal immigrants per week.

Trevino says the unnamed organization was based in Reynosa and had been in operation for about three years, charging illegals $1,500 to $3,000.

The illegal aliens ultimate destination after traveling through Hidalgo County was Houston.

The ring was discovered after members who ran the operation started fighting about money, leaving one man, Sylvester Ramos, in a coma. When Ramos recovered, he cooperated with the police.

Two smugglers are still at large and considered armed and dangerous. Jose Antonio Jaimes Vera, aka Tono, and Magdaleno Alvarez Valdez, aka Jarracho, are believed to have fled to Mexico but they're expected back at some time. They were last seen in a green/grey Ford F-150 extended cab truck bearing Texas license plates 06G-CK3.

From Interested-Participant.

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Posted by Mike Pechar on February 5, 2006 08:24 PM (Permalink)

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What the President didn’t tell you in his State of the Union address! Of the jobs he bragged about creating approximately 68 percent of those jobs were filled by Illegal Aliens!

The President displays a total & complete ignorance of economics 101! In fact, Without Slave Labor to exploit, innovation goes up, wages increase; demand for goods & services increase & the economic expands, thus creating more jobs, more businesses, and a raising standard of living!

His Statement in Tenn. the next day that we have to have Illegal Aliens here is the same argument used by the South prior to the Civil war that without Slave labor they could not exist!

Also the Government claim of 10 to 11 Million Illegal Aliens is based on a 1999 estimate.

Independent estimates are between 22 to 30 million Illegal Aliens as of 2005 in the USA! With up to 10,000 more pouring across our open Borders daily!

Each Illegal Aliens here in the US cost American Citizens thousands of dollars. So the jobs cost taxpayers money & since most Illegal Aliens work off the books & pay no taxes (in fact most turn in false tax forms & are rewarded a 1500.00 income tax refund) & send their money home, those jobs lower our standard of living for all American Citizens!

The best estimate is Illegal Aliens lower our Standard of living by 200 billion per year and is increasing rapidly!

Each Illegal Alien here cost American Taxpayers at least 7000.00 dollars annually!

Just to educate 1 of their children cost an average of 7000.00 per year & that does not include their medical bills, welfare & other benefits etc. While at the same time driving down the education level for American Citizens children!

Giving Amnesty to the millions Illegal Aliens will be a Catastrophic worse than any in American History. We will have created a great and rapidly growing underclass with a average 6 grade education & 50% school drop rate & a Phenomenon Breeding Rate.

They will soon exceed the Ability of Taxpayers to pay for their medical benefits, schooling Etc. Even with the 100,s of Billions in deficit spending!

France, Germany, Denmark and other countries are paying the price for having bought in cheap labor that were supposedly temporary labor that never left. Now they have an increasing unassimilated hostile group of foreigners on the public dole, rejecting everything their country stands for, spreading like a cancer & preaching religious and racial hatred!
They will be in Barrios not Assimilated into American Culture but speaking Spanish with their Customs and Culture. While hating American, American Citizens and everything this Country stands for.

No nation in history has survived the ravages of time Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and fall and that 'An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.

This Nation is well on it way to committing Suicide by allowing a massive Illegal Invasion of this country by people that does not want to be American Citizens and Assimilate but rather retains their owe culture & loyalty to their home country!

The Fires and Riots in France will be nothing compared to what this country will experience with the millions of Uneducated , Unassimilated Latinos on the public dole hating American & tearing this country apart!

There is no reason, except political Corruption, that Mexico cannot have a standard of living comparable to the USA. Letting them export there poverty to the USA & get the remittance of approximately 20 Billion returned to Mexico from Illegal Aliens here, decreases the pressure to clean up the Corruption there and improve their Citizens standard of living!

Some of the Benefits (but not nearly all) to American when our Borders are closed and Illegal Aliens returned to their home countries:

1. Our Schools will make a great improvement in educating our children and costs go down without trying to educate millions of none English speaking Children.

2. Our medical care will improve and costs go down because the Billions in free Medical care provided to Illegal Aliens is driving costs up and quality down, will no longer exist!

3. Our Standard of living will increase because business will not have Slave labor to exploit & be forced to pay a livable wage & that money will be spend here in the USA creating more demand for goods and services and new business!

4. Our Budget deficit will decrease by Billions that is currently required for benefits Illegal Aliens receive & the Billions paid in taxes from the filled jobs by American Citizens & the 100,s of thousands of new jobs created by an expanding economy!

5. Our Crime rate & cost to fight crime will decrease by a large amount because Illegal Aliens and Illegal gangs account for a great deal of crime in this country.

6. Insurance rates will decrease because rates are higher in order to pay for the millions of Illegal Aliens on our roads driving without any insurance now!

In ending, please understand the above is not due to xenophobia, I strongly believe controlled and Legal Immigration built this country & is good for this country. But it should be by people wanting to be American Citizen & by the Rule of Law not by people that have no allegiance to this country but are in fact using us while owning alliance to their home country!

We have Millions of fine Mexican American Citizens and the uncontrolled rate of Illegal Aliens pouring across our Southern Borders are affecting them as much, if not more than other Americans Citizens!

Write, Call, Fax & Demand that our Politicians not destroy this country for money from Lobbyist hired by businesses for Slave labor to exploit, paid for by American Taxpayers!

Posted by: Bill Lowe on February 9, 2006 11:42 AM

Article IV section IV of the US Constitution

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against
domestic Violence.

When does failure to up hold the oath of office & the Constitution by the President of the USA go from a Impeachment Offense to Treasonable & Subversive actions?

I submit that any reasonable objective review of the President actions as concerned the Mass Illegal Invasion over our Southern Borders is more serious than Impeachment but are in fact acts of High Treason!

No only as he failed in his oath of office to abide by and enforce our Constitution but he has openly conspired with the government of a Foreign Power (Vicente Fox of Mexico) to Subvert Article IV Section IV of our Constitution!

Treason by the President as Commander-in-Chief should be tried under the Uniform Code of Military Justice & if found guilty he should be subject to the most severe punishment allowed for High Treason!

He failed both to protect this Nation from Invasion but also fails to protect American Citizens from Violence from Illegal Aliens.

Each and every day there are hundreds of Crimes committed in the USA by Illegal Aliens against Americans & up to 10,000 per day pouring across the Open Borders he refuses to Secure! .

Posted by: Bill Lowe on February 9, 2006 11:43 AM

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