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Virginia Governor Tim Kaine Says Virginians Don't Care About Illegal Immigration

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Just days after his rebuttal for the Democrats on the State of the Union address, Virginia Governor Tim "eyebrow" Kaine has come out and said that Virginians don't care about illegal immigration and illegal aliens. Sighting there being "a better way" for the President to handle immigration reform, this seems to suggest his "better way" would be to ignore it totally and just allow illegals to continue flooding into the US.

Washington Times

There may be more than 40 immigration-related bills in the works this year in Richmond, but all that attention in the General Assembly on illegal aliens is misdirected, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said yesterday.

"I don't believe immigration is one of the top issues in Virginia if you ask Virginians," the Democratic governor said at a breakfast meeting with Washington reporters at the District's St. Regis Hotel. "It does matter to a number of people, but compared to jobs, education, health care, transportation, it's pretty far down."

Of course jobs, education, health care and transportation issues can be directly tied to illegal aliens. From lowering of wages to increased class sizes and direction taken away for non-English speakers to closing of emergency rooms and taxpayers footing the bill for uninsured illegal aliens to transportation costs due to increases in population, I'd say immigration has a lot to do with all the issues Tim Kaine mentioned above.

I'll just call him ignorant.

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Posted by Digger on February 2, 2006 09:15 AM (Permalink)

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i think its awful that kaine promised in his campaigne not to raise taxes now hes wanting to raise car taxes for citizens of virginia. like gilmore promising to stop car taxes in his campaigne but never did. its awful these people tell these things to get elected then after getting elected they go back on their word. these goveners and politians need to take a cut in pay and quit living high off the hog while the regular people work their fingers to the bone and live pay check to pay check wondering if they will be able to buy the things such as food ,clothing, etc. for their family. and health care most of us cant afford it but i guarantee you the govener and politians get health care when needed at the expense of the tax payers. my husband voted for the other guy as govener telling me that kaine would raise taxes and i didnt believe him now i wish i had listened to him and voted differently. kaine you said it was a lie that you wasnt going to raise taxes now your wanting to raise car taxes. maybe citizens should consider moving to another state. thanks for your time in reading this.

Posted by: d on February 9, 2006 09:17 AM

Welcome to the wonderful world of politicians. In particular Democrats are known for raising taxes and increasing spending. It is their general doctrine.

That's not to say that Republicans aren't also prone to high spending, just look at President Bush. Most Republicans won't raise your taxes unless absolutely forced to though.

Posted by: Digger on February 9, 2006 09:15 PM

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