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SC State Rep Altman Proposes Fining Mexico $1 Million Per Illegal Alien

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South Carolina State Representative John Graham Altman did an interview for WJEA, a Spanish language channel, and made his proposal for a $1 million fine on Mexican aid for each illegal alien that makes it across the border. Sounds good to me. If we do that and crack down on businesses here, throw up a border fence, increase border patrol and execute interior enforcement and deportations, the problem may go down a bit.

And I'd like to see someone out there say that if we put all of that in place that it wouldn't work in reducing illegal immigration. For anyone who does they're a proponent for illegal aliens.

Charleston Post & Courier

"The Mexican government is disgraceful. America can not be the welfare system for Mexico," said Altman, R-Charleston.


Altman said the issue is as much about the people who employ illegal aliens as the immigrants themselves. "Until we put three or four CEOs in jail, they won't think we're serious," Altman said.

He said illegal aliens are exploited because they receive low wages or no pay at all, no health insurance and no retirement. "The folks who want to help illegal aliens ought to support this bill," he said.


Altman said the issue is black and white. Either someone is here legally or he is not. He said his bill is necessary because the federal government is not doing its job securing U.S. borders.


Bancroft interviewed Altman so he could explain his bill to Lowcountry Spanish-speaking people who may be affected by it. She said the tri-county area has at least 50,000 Hispanic people; about 26,000 of them are Mexican.


"I'm happy to do that, but the message has got to be clear. If you want to come to this country legally, we want you. But if you're trying get in here illegally, you're just another criminal," he said.

Altman's bill creates a felony trespass law, punishable by up to five years in prison, that authorizes the state to seize vehicles, property and assets of illegal immigrants.

"I'm trying to reach out. It would be nice if we could get cooperation from the Hispanic community. Those who come here legally don't need to be cut in line by those who are here illegally," he said.

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