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Save Our State And Others To Protest Opening Of Home Depot Day Laborer Center In Burbank Saturday, Jan 21

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In a slap to the face of all legal people of the United States the city of Burbank has went ahead with the planned opening of a Day Labor Center at the Home Depot in Burbank.

A number of rallies against this stamp of approval on illegal immigration are planned including this one from Save Our State who has this to say about the Burbank Day Laborer Center.

In Burbank, amid huge controversy and negative media attention, Home Depot, in full complicity with the City Council of Burbank, has opened and established a brand spanking new ' Temporary Skilled Worker Center', in violation of Federal Immigration Law Statutes. They didn't stop there. Home Depot also agreed to provide $100,000 a year in funding for this day labor center.


Studies show that day laborers are overwhelmingly illegal aliens. The city of Burbank admitted such in their discussion of their day labor center. Clearly, Home Depot is aware that these center cater to illegal aliens.

Home Depot has partnered with and donated money to the National Council of La Raza. The National Council of La Raza advocates open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, drivers' licenses and college tuition discounts for illegal aliens.


Even more disconcerting is the fact that La Raza is inextricably linked to the militant and separatist organization, MEChA. MEChA openly calls for the liberation of the southwestern United States and do not discourage the use of violence to achieve these goals.

Save Our State's rally is planned for the following time and place:

Saturday, January 21st
8am - 11am
1125 South Flower
Burbank, CA

You can get further information, maps and where to park at the Save Our State forum entry for the protest.

The media is already prepared for this "event".

Los Angeles Times

Days after dozens of protesters rallied at a day laborer site in neighboring Glendale [see my entry on the Stop The Invasion nationwide protests - Dig], Burbank officials are preparing to celebrate the grand opening of a Home Depot and an adjacent hiring center.

They are also preparing for protests.


"The end result is a loss of jobs that rightfully belong to American citizens, because of cheap labor and corrupt employers," said Barbara Coe, chairwoman of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform.

City officials said that when Home Depot applied for a building permit, they anticipated day laborers would gather in front of the store waiting for construction jobs.

To avoid tensions with neighbors, the council decided to make Home Depot responsible for building a hiring site, hoping it would provide a safe and orderly way for the laborers to get jobs.


Pablo Alvarado, who heads the Day Labor Organizing Network, said the new hiring hall in Burbank would benefit laborers, employers, the city and Home Depot.

"If Home Depot doesn't do this, they know they are going to have men in front of their business," Alvarado said. "It's unfortunate that sometimes they need to be forced to do it."

No, it's unfortunate that they are allowed to stand out in front of a store and not be picked up and deported immediately Pablo Alvarado. As for the council actually aiding and abetting illegal immigration, they should all be thrown out and charged with a crime.

Burbank Weekly

[Burbank City Manager Mary] Alvord said the city has kept a close eye on protests held at other Home Depot’s such as the protest on Dec. 10 in front of the Home Depot on San Fernando Road in Glendale.

“This issue is very volatile. We are monitoring the protests and I know the police very much have it on their radar,” she said.

Absolutely disgusting! They are more focused on monitoring law abiding protesters using their free speech rights than they are on the known criminals in this matter. This city and nation have really fallen into the crapper.

Also from the Burbank Weekly we have the councils response to voting approval for the center.

“I don’t think the intent of this is to support illegal immigration,” said Vice Mayor Todd Campbell. “The intent is to prevent one nuisance.”

“Do you want them in a facility or do you want them to stand in the streets fending for themselves,” Council Member Dave Golonski added.

Several of the council members pointed out that the day labor center was not a debate on national immigration policy but rather the council’s decision to be proactive on a possible problem for the local businesses and residents.

What else could the intent be? Of course no one will be checking whether the day laborers are legal to work in the United States.

Many residents came to the council meeting to confront the council and their asinine stance.

“Why would any of you willing decide to abuse federal law,” said Chelene Nightengale.

Nightengale said the city should prepare for a possible crime increase.

Burbank resident Jacquelyn Wilson said she is frustrated about the opening of the day labor center.

“We’re giving this country away and no one seems to understand,” Wilson said.

Wilson asked the council what this would mean for the residents of Burbank.

“Nobody built anything for me and I’m a born and bred American,” she said.

If you are as fed up with this as I am and in the Burbank area, get off your butt and do something! Show up and show your disgust at this abuse of our country by speaking out against it!

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Posted by Digger on January 20, 2006 05:00 AM (Permalink)

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Maintaining a day laborer center isn't illegal. It's more a humanitarian solution than anything else.

Day laborers hang out because there's a market for their services.

Most Americans will not take the kind of jobs these laborers do.

Posted by: Carl Goss on January 20, 2006 10:48 AM

Most Americans will not take the kind of jobs these laborers do...

Let me finish that sentence for you.

...at the wage levels illegal aliens have driven them down to.

Fact of the matter is they don't have taxes taken out, get paid under the table and do not receive a fair wage.

Who did all the work before? Some ghosts?

Back before the massive invasion people actually got paid a fair wage and were willing to do the work.

Posted by: Digger on January 20, 2006 04:48 PM

The fact is though that a lot of those jobs wouldn't even exist if employers had to pay more. The employers would get their butts kicked by international competition.

Posted by: Ralph on January 20, 2006 05:42 PM

Just because someone is born in "America" does not mean you have any rights to be on this continent. If you're a european descendent then your home is Europe.

Anahuac (Ah-nah-wak) is the true name of our nation. We are all part of the Anahuac civilization that gave us the Olmeca, Zapoteca, Teotihuacan-Toltec, Maya and Mexica civilizations. We have historic, cultural, linguistic, and racial factors that make us one Anahuac nation, which includes all of our civilizations and cultures. The Mexica heritage gives us a history, language, theology, and study base from which we can rebuild all of our Anahuac heritage. We are a beautiful mosaic of civilizations and cultures throughout this whole continent that Europeans call "America". But this is not "America", this is Anahuac.

Nican Tlaca is our Nahuatl (Mexica) language way of saying "We the people here", in reference to all of us who are Indigenous to Cemanahuac (what Europeans call "the Western Hemisphere") and more specific to Anahuac which is the northern part of Cemanahuac (which is falsely called "North America"). Nican Tlaca refers to all of the people of our race in the "Western Hemisphere". We are not Indians or indios because those are the people of a nation called India. We are also not "Native American" because we are not related to Amerigo Vespucci, nor do we accept the concept of "Native" because it is always used in a derogatory manner. Notice how there are no "Native" Europeans.

Posted by: Osvaldo Castellanos on January 22, 2006 05:39 PM

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