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Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches, Statistics and Superstars For Oct-Dec 2005

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There was a lapse in my coverage from Oct-Nov here at Super Silly, so I'll be covering the 3 month period here.

Diggers Realm Stats And Growth For The Months Of October To December
This shows the increases and decreases for the past 3 monthsstraight out of the access logs.
MonthVisitorsPage ViewsChange vis/pv
Oct 166,399423,656-52,919/-134,032
Nov 188,238526,871+21,839/+103,215
Dec 151,568363,302-36,670/-163,569

It was a mixed 3 months with the holidays. There were no traffic records set.

For the year 4321300 Page views and 1599023 Visitors

I'm happy with all the visitors that have come to Diggers Realm this year. Thank you!

Diggers 50 Superstars Of The Month

Every month I'll be highlighting the fifty Superstar sites of the month that have been the heavy hitters at Diggers Realm.

This is just for fun and to give a little visibility to those that have sent me some traffic. Don't be offended if you didn't show up, I'm not judging you.

These sites will be featured in my Diggers Super Stars blogroll at the bottom of the right navbar until the next months Super Silly post.

If you haven't visited these sites give them a click and check them out!

# Last ChangeWebsite
1 1 -- The Command Post
2 17 +15 The Political Teen
3 3 -- Backcountry Conservative
4 5 +1 Tom McMahon
5 7 +2 Wizbang
6 14 +8 In The Bullpen
7 4 -3 Michelle Malkin
8 13 +5 Conservative Thinking
9 6 -3 The Jawa Report
10 8 -2 The Politburo Diktat
11 2 -9 Riehl World View
12 24 +12 Six Meat Buffet
13 15 +2 FourSixteen
14 31 +17 Outside the Beltway
15 44 +29 In Search of Utopia
16 10 -6 The MUSC Tiger
17 9 -8 Rooftop Report
18 12 -6 Interested-Participant
19 22 +3 Blogs of War
20 18 -2 Hyscience
21 19 -2 Shabooty's Madness
22 26 +4 Blackfive
23 N/A -- Stop the ACLU
24 16 -8 The Education Wonks
25 N/A -- Overtaken By Events
26 30 +4 Debbie Schlussel
27 N/A -- Decision '08
28 N/A -- Balloon Juice
29 28 -1 Tempus Fugit
30 N/A -- Right Thoughts
31 20 -11 A Train Wreck In Maxwell
32 57 +25 Say Anything
33 21 -12 The Moderate Voice
34 33 -1 Slantpoint
35 N/A -- La Shawn Barber's Corner
36 23 -13 Right Wing Nuthouse
37 25 -12 Speed of Thought
38 27 -11 Ace of Spades
39 N/A -- The Corner
40 N/A -- Davids medienkritik
41 N/A -- Kesher Talk
42 N/A -- Cap 'n Bob
43 N/A -- All Things Beautiful
44 N/A -- The Unpartisan
45 37 -8 California Yankee
46 N/A -- The Political Pitbull
47 N/A -- ALIPac
48 N/A -- INDC Journal
49 N/A -- Common Sense and Wonder
50 N/A -- MacStansbury.org

Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches
These are searches that brought people to Diggers Realm this month. Note that they didn't just search for these things, but they actually clicked through to Diggers Realm after the search was made. Actual searches are in Bold below.

[Search terms removed]

Diggers Personal Favorite Entries Of The Month
Below are some of my favorite or ridiculous posts for the month, just in case you missed them.

I don't have time this time around to pick entries. See the archives below.

October Archives
November Archives
December Archives

See last months super silly entry or see the archive of all Super Silly Searches, Statistics and Superstars

Until next month, see ya on the site!


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