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Around The Blogosphere #31 (Open Trackback)

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The "Appreciate Your Family" edition in the continuing saga of interesting and thought provoking news from around the web.

There's sure to be something you've missed around the Blogosphere.

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Jack Grant of Random Fate lost his father on the 26th. It sounds like they had a great relationship and my heart goes out to him. You can read more at his personal site of the last days at www.jmgrant.net.

Speaking of appreciating your loved ones... If you haven't read any of my Cross Country 2005 entries then you should go do that now. Follow our 11-day car trip from Sacramento, California to Rochester, New York. It's taken me hours and hours (posted over the past 5 months or so) to write and organize the pictures so at least take a look! The last entry was the hardest to write as towards the end I realized that those days are now history and that one day my little girls will be gone -- off living their own lives -- and all I'll have is the great memories and pictures of these days gone by.

Searchlight Crusade took a family trip to the San Diego Zoo. Go take a look at some of the pictures.

Phin's Blog takes on anti-circumcision. I'm glad I had girls and didn't have to worry about this because my wife and I didn't agree on the issue.

Right Wing Sparkle is back from her self-imposed holiday exile and has some pics of her and her beautiful daughter in NYC.

Ace of Spades sells out more. Hmm, has he been reading Inside Online Advertising?

Speaking of online advertising go have a read on using Google AdSense Reports and some results from changes here at Diggers Realm.

AlphaPatriot investigates the myth of an engineering shortage in America. Too bad all our engineering grads won't have a job since they won't accept 25 bucks for an 80 hour work week.

Tall Glass of Milk and Hyscience tell us about the rampant rapes of non-Muslim women by Muslim men in Australia, Norway, Sweden and other Western nations. Gotta love the religion.

Debbie Schlussel ruminates on the rise and fall of Monday Night Football and the Unabomber.

The Education Wonks have the Carnival of Education Week 47. Head over and see what our educators and those who follow the school systems have to say.

Kuwait sentences 6 al-Qaeda terrorists to death. So says In The Bullpen and The Jawa Report.

David at In Search Of Utopia answers some personal questions.

Outside The Beltway tell us about the end of Indonesian Rebels 29 years of "terror for independence" in tsunami-ravaged Aceh province. Good news indeed!

All Things Beautiful is looking for some help from you in choosing The Ten Worst Americans of all time. Interesting indeed. Benedict Arnold has to be number 1, no doubt.

Rattys Ghost ponders all the things she didn't (and did) do this year.

The Yolo Cowboy who has put together an interview with both Arnold Schwarzenegger AND Mel Gibson.

The Great Satan covers the idiocy of Mexico's PR firm and how Mexico is such a great place to live and the model of societies.

Argghhh! takes on the "controversy" over the Oklahoma quarter and how it won't fit in machines.

Beautiful Atrocities gives us an open letter to the Austrians over the Arnold Schwarzenegger stadium fiasco.

The Daily Pundit reports on fraud at Red Cross Call Centers (I'm surprised they weren't all in India).

Enrevanche gives us his yearly zeitgeist of search terms. They're led off with searches for a piece of crap DSL modem. Hehe.

Michael at Gay Orbit tells us the worst present he ever received... it was from God.

Professor Bainbridge on the practice of "regifting".

Cardinal Martini made a Christmas day move to mu.nuvia. His new URL is http://cardinalmartini.mu.nu/ update accordingly.

Check out The Patriot Blogger who jumps into the blogging scene with his own flair.

Last but not least, Overtaken By Events has a hilarious post for this weeks Bonfire of the Vanities #130

So that wraps up the "Appreciate Your Family" edition...

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Posted by Digger on December 28, 2005 08:30 AM (Permalink)

» American Conservative Daily linked with The Beavers Are Dead - GET OVER IT!
» damnum absque injuria linked with The Battle of Wounded Knee: or Look what Evil Whitey did to the Redskins
» Don Surber linked with No Clowning Around

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Thanks for the link, Digger!

Posted by: cw4(ret)billt on December 28, 2005 08:44 AM

Linked. I don't have Trackbacks, sorry.

[Edited by Digger]
BloodSpite's post is here and is on loss of loved ones.

Posted by: BloodSpite on December 28, 2005 02:11 PM

Thanks for the link!

Posted by: Cardinal Martini on December 28, 2005 02:50 PM

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