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Illegal Alien Group, Voces de la Frontera, Shows Up At Senator's Home To Harass Her Over Illegal Alien Drivers License Bill

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Wisconsin State Senator Cathy Stepp was harassed at her home by followers of the illegal alien support group Voces de la Frontera (Voices of the Border). They showed up at her house on December 16th to shout in her windows after dark and try and intimidate her into voting against a bill.

The Racine Report has reprinted her letter in full. There are also many comments there.

Leaders of a Hispanic activist group known as Voces de la Frontera believe that in America, it is better to storm the home of an elected official and yell in their windows after dark to intimidate someone rather than to run for office to change policy.

On the evening of Friday, December 16th, a group of people advocating the issuing of drivers’ licenses to non-citizens appeared outside my windows yelling and attempting to intimidate me into voting against Assembly Bill 69.

AB 69 requires that a person applying for a driver’s license in Wisconsin prove his citizenship or legal status in the United States. Law enforcement was notified and the group disbanded but I am still working with law enforcement officials to press charges against the group’s leadership. This group justifies their actions by claiming they have not had their phone call returned when in reality all constituent calls are returned until callers become belligerent or profane.

This group doesn’t care that the rights of citizens in Wisconsin would be taken away by the federal government if our state doesn’t comply with the federal REAL ID Act by 2008. Unless the legislature passes AB 69, Wisconsin drivers licenses will no longer be recognized as valid identification for boarding a plane. Right now, Wisconsin is one of the only states dangling the carrot of a driver’s license to anyone who will break into our country illegally.

Opponents of the bill, like the leadership of Voces de la Frontera, threaten that if they don’t get their way, illegal aliens will respond by driving without a license anyway. If the legislature responds to threats like this, should we then issue pilots’ licenses to illegal aliens who threaten that they’ll fly a plane without one? They also argue that the bill will punish Hispanics more than it will deter Middle Eastern terrorists, even though the requirements will be the same for everyone—whether they’re from Mexico, England or Syria.

I have been fortunate to be welcomed into our Hispanic community since taking office. Many Hispanic community leaders have educated me and garnered my support on issues uniquely affecting them. I am thankful for their guidance and it has been a privilege to work with and on behalf of them. However, driver’s licenses are privileges for people who obey the law. Anyone here illegally is, by definition, not obeying the law. Like it or not, the driver’s license has become a person’s ticket to legitimacy in America.

When I took the oath of office, I swore to uphold the laws of our state and our country. I will side with the legal citizens and taxpayers of Wisconsin with my vote in support of AB 69.

She will be pressing charges.

Tipped by: Lonewacko who has more on this group and it's ties to teachers and other protests. Go read it.

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