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Around The Blogosphere #30 (And Open Trackback)

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The "Tookie Abortion Of Australian Culture" edition in the continuing saga of interesting and thought provoking news from around the web.

There's sure to be something you've missed around the blogosphere.

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Right Thinking From The Left Coast has this report on wimpy bastards in California (aren't most of them) calling for a moratorium on the death penalty. Excerpt:

I just think that this is a real indication of the moral bankruptcy of the Democratic Party. This is a group which will fight tooth and nail to permit a woman to abort her unborn baby, and will rant and rave about how immoral it is for a quadruple murderer to have to suffer a needle stick.

In The Bullpen on some background to the Australia rioting. Excerpt:

Four days after he set foot in Australia, a man - known only as MSK - began raping young girls. The Pakistani man ... told the court he had committed four attacks on girls as young as 13 because they had no right to say "no." They were not covering their face or wearing a headscarf, and therefore, the rapist proclaimed: "I’m not doing anything wrong."

Evolution tells us the sad news that the first same-sex Civil Union couple has filed for divorce. Didn't see that coming.

Daily Pundit with a recent pic of Monica Lewinsky.

Beautiful Atrocities has a must read interview with SondraK.

Ace of Spades reports on 4 churches in Sydney, Australia attacked by Muslims.

Alpha Patriot tells us that Morgan Freeman hates black history month and says it should be done away with.

Backcountry Conservative has the story of 2 people caught on tape stealing presents destined for homeless children.

Blogs of War has some video on a 9-year-old kid letting out a tirade on his mom.

Jay at Conservative Thinking says that the agreement reached by Bush and McCain on torture is a "terrorist bill of rights".

Darleen's Place on "authentic" Feminism, whatever that really means.

Debbie Schlussel is a finalist in the Jihad Watch's "American Anti-Dhimmi of the Year" award. She's in some good company, Tancredo and Mitt Romney are on the list. Mitt Romney just announced he won't be running for Governor of Massachusetts again.

The Education Wonks report that some idiot teacher decided to school 6-year-olds that there is no Santa. Good to see they had their priorities in order. The teachers students are probably lacking in basic writing skills because their time is all spent on ridiculousness like this.

Interested-Participant tells us about al Jazeera's interview with David Duke(?!). Two racist groups together at last.

David at In Search of Utopia tells us that Costa Ricans are pretty pissed about the Costa Rican national that was shot by air marshals the other day. He's reserving judgement, I am not. Some wacko guy jumps up running around and reaching in a bag declaring he has a bomb, down you go.

La Shawn Barber has the story of a body dumped on the lawn of the actor who plays Big Bird.

Michelle Malkin has more on the aftermath of Tookie Williams. His supporters want to give him a "statesman's funeral." and Europe is unhinged. Hey maybe they should just take all our gangs then since they know best.

Outside The Beltway says that John Kerry wants to impeach Bush if the Democrats take Congress in '06. Whatever.

Say Anything says the Republicans are sick of this constant "pull the troops out" bullcrap and now is going to force another vote on pulling the troops out. I'm sure once again it'll be a no vote and then a week later all the Dems will be calling for it again. Waffle Waffle.

Arguing With Signposts gives us the 10 best state flags.

Cardinal Martini on why they'll be skipping Steven Spielberg's new movie Munich.

Tinkerty Tonk wonders what's up with so many ladybugs coming out when it's in the teens.

So that wraps up the "Tookie Abortion Of Australian Culture" edition...

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Hey Digger,

I didn't catch it was only one entry per customer. Sorry about that, wasn't trying to game the system or anything.

Thanks for the OTB!

Posted by: Jake Jacobsen on December 18, 2005 04:21 PM

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