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Open Borders State Commissioners Meet To Form National Lobby Group, Admit To Influencing Our Elected Leaders

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Under the guise of "helping Hispanics" a group of state open borders activists met to plan the formation of a national lobbying group to influence Congress. Among the issues discussed was coming up with ways to spin the destruction of our education and health care systems by illegal aliens and a little bragging of how they've duped our officials into allowing the flood of illegal aliens to continue..


Friday marked the end of the first national summit of state commissioners of Latino and Hispanic affairs.

Delegates spent three days discussing strategies and debating the wildly different approaches their states take to deciding such issues as who can receive free health care or what identification to use when issuing drivers' licenses.


Latino affairs commissioners don't draft immigration policy _ that work is handled on the federal level _ but they often end up finding solutions for people who entered the country illegally. While some said they designed slick marketing campaigns to promote in-state tuition for noncitizen students, others said they did more behind-the-scenes work, like silently killing bills to grant undocumented motorists driving privileges.

Particularly in states that are not traditionally thought of as having large Hispanic communities, the commissions influence the daily decisions made by governors and legislatures.


Some delegates framed the problem as one of how to counter an onslaught of "illegal aliens filling schools and clinics." Others, discussing the same situation, saw their charge as how to "help those who are out of status" or better "the plight of the undocumented."

In Mississippi, delegate Julio del Castillo said, few officials realized the Latino community had grown until undocumented Mexican workers displaced by Hurricane Katrina showed up in shelters across the state.

Let's see, where to start?
Free health care. Check.
Illegal alien drivers licenses received with bad documentation. Check.
Aiding illegal aliens. Check.
Promoting in-state tuition for those not even nationals of our country, let alone our state. Check.
Getting bills silently killed that would restrict drivers licenses for illegal aliens. Check.
Influencing daily decisions of our elected officials. Check.
How to spin the facts on education and health care costs of illegal aliens in their favor. Check.

One good thing came of Hurricane Katrina at least. According to Julio del Castillo above, it's opened the eyes to officials in the region that they have slowly and silently been invaded by a foreign power. Now let's see what they do about it.

All of the aiding and abetting of illegal criminals and influencing of our officials behind closed doors should shock anyone into the fact that these are traitorous people not working for the good of America, but racist nationalists of a foreign power attempting to take over our country from the inside out.

The taxpayers of this country can not afford to sit silently by while this happens.

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