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$4 Million Of Taxpayers Dollars Given To Illegal Alien Support Group La Raza

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Congress has earmarked $4 million to go to the anti-American, open borders racist group La Raza better known as The Race (if that doesn't come right out and smack you as racist I don't know what will). The group openly supports illegal aliens. Why are we giving taxpayer money to a group that's not only encouraging people to break our laws, but helping them to do so and supporting them once they're here?

Another question is why are they getting 4 times(!) the amount the Special Olympics are?


Human Events Online

Thanks to a congressional earmark, an open-borders advocacy group that pushes for driver's licenses, free in-state tuition and healthcare for illegal aliens and bilingual requirements for state agencies and ballots is slated to get $4 million in new taxpayer money to add to the more than $30 million it has received from various federal agencies since 1996.

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), Spanish for "the race," will get its latest grant through an appropriations bill passed by Congress on November 18. The Joint Explanatory Statement of HR 3058, available on the House's Rules Committee website lists 1,100 plus earmarks in the bill, including La Raza's grant under the Housing and Urban Development Department's Self-Help and Assisted Ownership Programs. Under this account La Raza will receive four times as much as the Special Olympics, which won a $1-million earmark.


One person who would like to know how La Raza’s $4-million earmark got into the bill is Rep. Charlie Norwood (R.-Ga.) who, with Rep. Pete Sessions (R.-Tex.), sponsors the CLEAR Act. Jennifer Hing, communication director for Rep. Joe Knollenberg (R.-Mich.) who is chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee that handled the bill, said the Senate inserted the earmark.

Norwood said he was told the money was stricken from the House version of the bill because NCLR has not used the money for housing they received last year. “But no matter what they did or didn’t do last year, we ought not to send taxpayer’s money to people who absolutely advocate perhaps using that money for this country not to follow the law of the land and not to secure our country’s borders,” he said. Said Norwood: “It sounds like they have a sugar-daddy in the Senate.”

I truly believe that the Senate is the enemy of anyone wanting to solve the illegal alien problem. Time and time again they have bypassed, stalled and general obstructed any piece of legislation attempting to actually solve the problem. Meanwhile the House has grown more fierce in tackling the issue mainly because of actions lead by Tom Tancredo and James Sensenbrenner.

Why do we stand by and let this happen and who is behind this earmark? Lonewacko has some interesting ideas of who is the one pushing this through.

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Has any americans stop to think or even care about the people that are illegally here working with taxpayer id's,their using real names real numbers paying social sercurity,taxes,medicare ect.all year long but when the end of the year comes around guess what they get nothing back because their illegal.If americans ever take the time to stop being so selfish and self absorbed they may find out how much money is being put into the u.s that these people will never get back.
many illegal aliens are hard workers,who support their families,and as far as them living off the system is wrong ive seen many get sick and die because they were so afraid to go to a doctor,or their children,they depend on eachother not the u.s for help.America could really learn something from watching these people and the way they interact with one another,can we really say that about the americans in the system who dont work and still complain they dont get treated fairly?Just think if we had open borders how many more hard workers would be here helping our economy,no one is being hurt now except for the people who are afraid to leave their homes,afraid to go out shopping,afraid to work!

Posted by: marie on May 22, 2008 10:21 PM

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