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French Riots: An Everyday Frenchmans Perspective - Must Read!

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I received a very informative email from Simon in France. Simon has given me permission to post it and for any other bloggers out there that wish to, feel free to repost it. Other than minor editing here it is in it's entirety.

It seems that in USA, people are misinformed about the spread of the riots. let me give you a piece of enlightenment about them.

Muslim riots happened in areas mostly populated by Muslim immigrants (up to 80%).
The riots were contained in those areas by a police which were conscious of not committing any flaw that was expected by the Mollas to upsurge all the Muslim people.

Most of the rioters were known by the police for many acts of serious delinquency .Some spent few years in jails others were probably relaxed by a Justice poisoned by Marxists ( Syndicat de la Magistrature - union of leftist lawers ) .In my opinion , those gangsters were monitored by the Mollas who pushed them to provoke the authorities , expecting any flaws that could be used to upsurge the whole Muslim Mass.

Those Muslim bastards never come and put the mess in French countryside villages where most of people are deer-hunters and have hunting guns. Should they do it, be sure that they will be welcome by the same kind of "welcoming committee " that in any USA village. They know it.

Unfortunately, these riots didn't spread in well-standard living areas where the so-called "bobo" live. Should it happen , that it would wake them up from their mental anesthesia.

France people can be divided in 4 categories:
The Politicians, the " BOBO ", the French popular Mass and the aliens.

All French politicians (right and left), are graduate from ENA ( Ecole nationale d'Administration ) where their little brains were formatted by those stupid utopias ( so called "Valeurs républicaines" ) , to become the puppets of a few powerful people belonging to the international industrial and finance world .Worst , they are certainly members of a freemasonry sect called "Loge du grand orient" famous for its atheism and strong anti-clerical ideas. They let the Muslims come in, to give low-wage employees to our companies, even in a time our European countries became hit by unemployment.

Pushed by far-leftist activist, they set the Family Gathering Scheme in the name of "Human rights"
Knowing the kind of welfare system they could benefit in France, Muslims came in mass with wife (s) and made many children receiving money for it!

Even illegal immigrants came in mass knowing that they can get support from Marxist Associations.
Industrial and finance powerful men were happy with that prospect because they think only "consumers in a Multiculturalism world" and disregard religion and cultural differences.

They have done the same mistake that all Western World politicians have done.

Like Maurice Allais pointed out (French economist who received Economy Nobel Price): with their family , immigrants from undeveloped countries cost 4 to 5 more that they can give to our society. Worst their religion and customs push them to reject our western values and make them inassimilable to our European civilization. Their immigration in Europe is only profitable to a minority of swines in power.

"bobo" means bourgeois-boheme ( happy-go-lucky upper middle class) .This degenerate upper middle class controls nearly everything : education, literature, media, justice ..They are poisoned by utopist ideas ( "everybody is nice, peace and love , multiculturalism , world is a village ") and have set a dictatorship of thoughts in France .They believe that their extremely idiot thoughts is well-thinking ("intellectuel").

They enjoy a good living and can't (or doesn't want) see reality .All upper middle class in Europe have the same disease.

They are so silly that they can't make any difference between the European immigrants that came in France after www1 and www2 and the Muslim one .I spent hours to explain them that this first immigration was easily assimilated because of our common values, customs and RELIGION!

They don't want to admit that Muslims are simply aliens.

The fact that they disregard religion in the name of "laicity" blind them on Islam antagonisms with both Western civilization and the so-called "laicity".

Well set in a comfortable way of life they don't want to be told about the prospect of a Civilization War between Western countries and Muslim world that could hit down their quiet and luxury life.

They do prefer giving lessons to others all around the world rather than questioning themselves.

Even if not Marxists, they have been poisoned by Marxism dictatorship of thoughts through medias and education and probably believe that they can change the world with their big trap and little balls.

These "bobo" think that France colonialism has exploited North-Africa and Africa and they use culpabilization against French people to justify their laxism towards Muslim immigration.

Argue against them and you are systematically a racist who risk to be suited.

Everybody who knows something about history of "Industrial revolution " in Europe in XIX century knows that the corebase was coalmining and steelworking. In France, those two were in North and Northeastern France (Lorraine disputed between France and Germany for that reason).

I am a native from Lorraine: my parents and grand parents were labours in steelworking, and I can tell you and all those stupid "bobo " that Lorraine has never been neither in Africa nor in Arabian countries. This to say that no Industrial country (USA and Europe) got rich and powerful with coffee, tea, orange and bananas! From Africa. Worst, France spent a lot of money in Africa and Maghreb to help them to develop. Algeria benefits from heavy investments at a time it was a French colony. All that for peanuts.

Should we have kept our money in our pocket that our economy would be more flourishing nowadays.

Aside their anti-Christian mentality, the "bobo" has plaid an insane anti-patriotism activism, thinking that could help Europe nations to fuse in one.

As a matter of fact Marxists took profit of the WWI European suicide to inject their stinking ideology.

It is obvious that 90 yrs after WW1, France didn't really recover from it. Anybody who does visit France should take attention to the Death Monuments settled in the middle of each French village and little towns.You will find much more names engraved on stone than living inhabitants.

More than 1.5 millions of French brave guys on a population roughly 40 million sacrificed themselves with a self-abnegation that only Russians did equal during WW2 in the Stalingrad battle.

Adding probably 1 million more due to subsequent disease in 1918 and you get a reap of youth.

Marxism took the opportunity of this drama and shock to spread in France through 2 political party: Socialist Party and then Communist Party. Both fuse in the Front Popular and won the election in 1936.

Worst they welcome in France their communist brothers from Spain and Italy after these two countries turned sad. Part of French communists are descendant of these Italian and Spanish communists.

Once in power their concerns were social sheme, offering holidays to workers, favoring class-strikes, puting the mess in armament factories, at a time a guy called Adolf Hitler was rearming his Reich. Every knows the following of the story.

To end with the "bobo" and their hypocritical concerns with "social welfare ", they should learn that the first social protection for labours to be implemented in Europe was in German Reich by a man called Otto von Bismark. As you know , he was far to be a Marxist!

In conclusion with Politicians and the "bobo" chapters: in a day we are celebrating the sacrifice of ww1generation , there is no need to say that the Braves are spinning in their tombs and trenches .Looking at "bobo" and politicians , and sick of it our Brave French ancestors are throwing out .they are not the only one .

French popular mass does also: this is the so-called silent Majority formed with Middle class and labours .
They are both French rooted people and French native descendants of European immigrants, which made efforts to fuse in French people.

You can't see them demonstrating in street: THEY do WORK! Except when hit by unemployment .
They are bored of paying taxes:

  • to feed illegal immigrants

  • to assist lazy people who does not want to make any effort

  • to refill the loss of government owned companies

They are bored of being insulted of racist and fascist by the "bobo" , when they complain about Muslim unwillingness to accept our European values.

They are bored of corrupted politicians.

They are bored of strikes by a few Marxist activists, which nowadays do represent NOTHING in the Labour population.

In my humble opinion, I think the pot is boiling, nobody knows yet how and when it will explode.

Let me say something about the European immigrants in France:

My father ancestors were Austrian and migrate in 1715 while my mother's parents were Italians and migrate in 1919. I was at school with the French native sons of Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish Hungarian immigrants. Their parents came in France with a snotty nose and nothing even a bundle. They work hard: to build a House, and to give a welI education to their children.

I grew up with their children. Never saw them rioting, selling drugs, burning cars.
THEY worked hard at school, they wanted to learn and get a job. Bloody hell! There was a kind of gentle competition between us to be the best at School!

The "Bobo" and Politicians, who both never grew up with European immigrants, are so blinded by their shit "Republican Values and Laicity " that they ignore what made the fusion possible: CHRISTIAN VALUES and GRECO-ROMAN VALUES. Believers or not believers, most of European immigrants were educated at home through a remaining of CHRISTIAN VALUES.

I am not a believer, my Mum is a strong one. Even ignorant about religion, I was educated with mother's Christian values and I can tell you that I know all the benefit of them! Like it or not: These values are the Key success in both USA and Europe.

So long we will keep them against winds and tides, we will survive.
Let the bastards of any kind undermine them, and we westerners will be destroyed.

Aliens: Those are the Muslims immigrants. There is nothing to be said about them (you saw them at TV news) except that our European politicians let them do their Djiad in our home with the support of stupid "bobo" who think that the riots are a expression of "social despair ". BULLSHIT!

My late father was a labour and a non-believer, he worked with some Muslims labours in a steelwork company and therefore knew very much about their beliefs. Some of them were living in a house next to my grand mother's one, at a time the Muslims were staying as "single". Of course they were nice and helpful people.

But the day the Politicians bastards allow them to call their wife and family in France 30 yrs ago, my father who knew much about his Muslim colleagues told me something I will never forget.

"These Muslims are nice persons BUT they are different from us. Once settled, their Imans and Mollas will come and put their hand over Muslims. They will tell them to make as many children as they can to conquest and impose Islam. My bet that in 50 years, Europe will be the next Liban." Was he wrong? Have a look on TV news!

Some brave historians who dared facing the Marxist "well thinking ", told several years ago of a tough "wake-up" and a "RECONQUISTA " in all Europe in the future. Whatever the human cost, this reconquista will be beneficial for all Europeans, because it will remind them what are their real identity and VALUES. Those they should have never swapped for bullshit something values.

Diggers, that was long to write and long for you to read. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please, do me a favor: be nice to repost it to how many blog you can: la shawn barber and so on


Well Simon, I don't actually operate La Shawn Barber's Corner, but I'll send it to her and see what she thinks.

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Well said,it looks like you have it figured out.Question is what can you do about it?

Posted by: raptor on November 13, 2005 07:27 AM

I think Simon has hit the nail on the proverbial head. What distinguishes his analysis of the situation from the talking heads that permeate the media is a distinct tone of brutal honesty. He says a lot of "un-PC" things, but they are entirely too true. Only a fool would fail to acknowledge the social, racial, and economic tributaries feeding the river of unrest now swelling over the banks of the Seine. Yet as Simon has accurately pointed out, the REAL problem is first and foremost a religious one. And the problem is Islam. Or more accurately radical, extremist Islam.

It's my belief that the only effective solution must come from within the Muslim world, itself. Only when the moderate Muslim community takes it upon themselves to vocally speak out against radical Islam and to back their words with action, will we see any genuine improvement.

Posted by: eltoroverde on November 13, 2005 12:01 PM

I would like to say that what Simon wrote is a common point of view of the far right in France. However, I would say that his racism blind him from understanding the diversity of opinions and values in the arabic and african community. I can assure you that the vast majority of the youth burning cars are non-practising muslim who drink alcool, take drugs, etc. The mollah arent giving orders to the drug dealers. This is racist non-sense.

The youth do it as an anarchist rebellion against the perceived injustice they suffers. That doesnt make it right, but it's certainly not "agitation" for an islamic governement.

Posted by: Hakim on November 14, 2005 05:15 PM

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