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Chertoff Is Full Of Crap, Says "Our goal is to return every single illegal entrant, no exceptions"

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Let's just take a look at what Michael Chertoff, the head of DHS, means when he says "Our goal is to return every single illegal entrant, no exceptions". First of all let me print what he really should have said "We'll just make all illegals legal, then we won't have any illegals!". Because that's the real truth of the matter when it comes to anything someone in charge of our immigration policy means when they open their jackass mouths.

Who in America, when looking around, really believes that our federal government is doing a damn thing when it comes to illegal immigration? Give me a show of hands. OK, I see a few hand up out there and they are of the severely misinformed. Catching people and letting them go in the country is not enforcement. Deporting a token amount every year to justify a continued budget is not enforcement. Playing every card in the book to make it look like you're tough on illegal immigration while you're in a backroom doing deals with big agriculture companies is not enforcement.

Anyone who believes this line of shit spewed from the mouth of a man who just a little later talks about giving "temporary worker visas" to a slew of immigrants, with no plans to enforce that they are indeed temporary and has no plans when it comes to the families they drag with them, is so full of shit his eye whites are turning brown.

The Immigration Blog and Lonewacko blog cover the fact that when these people pop out kids on our land they will still be granted citizenship under the 14th amendment. Of course this isn't addressed by the plans of Mr. Chertoff. Oh no-siree-bob, we wouldn't want to have a true immigration enforcement policy. We would rather blather on and continue down the failed path that we are currently on. Allowing tons of illegals to flood in, not enforcing our laws, not fixing a main flaw in our constitution and on top of it all adding on thousands to millions of more "legal" immigrants who will overstay their welcome or find other ways to remain here even though they have temporary status.

If we can't find the people here that have currently overstayed their visa's just issuing more visa's is not going to fix the problem.

Some who cover immigration on the web, such as Drink This..., seem to have actually accepted his comments as something worth noting as a positive statement. She does take a watch and see attitude about it, but I'm telling you right now that it is nothing but lip service to quell the current storm of outrage over the illegal immigration issue. This statement will certainly fool some into believing that they are actually going to do something about it and may give them a sense of something being done.

I'm telling you now though, don't be fooled by these charlatans. These are the people who are pushing forth Bush's agenda of amnesty and his continued avoidance of the illegal alien problem.

Now I'll address this article that included the announcement.


Beefing up border patrols alone won't stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the country, administration officials said Tuesday in promoting President Bush's proposal to set up a temporary worker program for foreign nationals.

"We're going to need more than just brute enforcement," Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told the Senate Judiciary Committee. "We're going to need a temporary worker program as well."

Labor Secretary Elaine Chao provided a general outline of the plan Bush introduced last year, emphasizing that undocumented workers accepted into the program would receive no advantages over immigrants in the country legally and that they would be required to return home after their work period ends.

"Those who come forward will not be offered an automatic pass to citizenship and should be expected to pay a substantial fine or penalty to participate in the temporary program," she said.

Chao is full of shit. Once you let them in they aren't going to leave. On top of that they are selling entry into our country and forgiveness for breaking our laws for $2k a pop which is what it amounts to.
Chertoff also pledged to end the "catch and release" policy that has allowed tens of thousands of non-Mexican illegal aliens to disappear within the United States.
Note that it says "non-Mexican". Therefore we can conclude that the way we handle things with Mexican illegal aliens will remain the same. Catch and release. What a traitorous statement coming from someone charged with homeland security. Homeland security starts at the border.
Chertoff said it is should be possible to achieve significant progress in reversing that policy in less than a year, noting that his department's budget for fiscal 2006 includes $90 million in new money to add hundreds of beds. He said his agency also plans to expand use of an expedited removal program that could cut the average time in detention from 90 to 45 days.
Wow, a whole $90 million. We spend more than 10 times that on each shuttle mission. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for our space program, but I would rather see us scrap one shuttle mission and divert that billion dollars into our immigration enforcement policies.

It's all a joke in the end, more lip service from these people charged with defending our borders. If anything you figure the labor secretary would want as many illegal aliens out of the country so that more Americans would be employed. Don't get me started on all the illegal aliens who are doing the jobs that people in hurricane ravaged Louisiana, Mississippi and other southern states would love to have after losing their houses and livelihoods. And our leaders, who don't seem to care, are allowing them to do it. Actions speak louder than words politicians and hopefully the American people make you pay in a year at the polls.

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Posted by Digger on October 20, 2005 05:09 AM (Permalink)

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You are preachin' to the choir here! They came out a few months ago and confirmed (something that Texans have known for a while) that anglos are now the minority in the State of Texas.
All I can say is: DUH! Our school populations have grown so drastically, that the classrooms are severely overloaded, we have to pay more spanish speaking teachers, EVEN if they are illegal, we have to educate them. Not to mention the fact of the drain on our hospitals and social programs!
We have had folks here losing their jobs and attempting to get temporary assistance. Some have been outright told that they are the "wrong color". So much money is spent in Texas placating the Hispanic population that it is nauseating!
Much of their money does not necessarily get spent in this country. It gets sent back to their families in Mexico.
I had a resident from Nicaraugua come in to tell me that they could not pay their rent for the next two months because the government of Nicaraugua is calling them back. They have to fly out at their own expense, because they have to check in with the government over there.
Um... Excuse me? I would get hung out to dry by our offices if I allowed that! I explained that they needed to come up with a way to cover the rent, because it does not work that way in the U.S.! They looked at me like I was a baby-killer or something.
I love living in Texas - it has and always will be my home. My grandparents had a farm about 30 miles from where I live now, that had been passed down through generations. I love the history of Texas - I just cannot figure out what is happening to our state! Oops! I do know!
It has been overrun!

Posted by: Melissa in Texas on October 20, 2005 08:04 PM

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