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Violent Protesters Of Minuteman Project Arrested In Chicago

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CopsInRiotGear1.jpg Once again we have an example of idiots who don't give a crap about freedom of speech in this country. Five protesters were arrested in Chicago after attacking police at a meeting of the Minuteman Project. The protesters showed up and initially stood outside the event and then decided they'd like to link arms and not let volunteer Minutemen enter the meeting. The police intervened after Minuteman leaders came out and debated the protesters at which time the protesters attacked police.

120 police officers in riot gear had to descend on the protest.

The bloggers over at Freedom Folks actually attended the Minuteman Project meeting and have a bunch of pictures, including the one at right of police in riot gear.

Chicago Tribune

The protesters arrested were part of a group that included dozens who identified themselves as members of socialist, anarchist and anti-war groups.

Protesters blocked the entrance to the Minuteman meeting site at Christian Liberty Academy, 502 W. Euclid Ave. They briefly scuffled with police with some throwing water bottles as police tried to make arrests.


About 100 participants attended the gathering by the Minutemen, a spinoff of a group that has been patrolling the United States-Mexico border to detect and report illegal immigrants.

In Illinois, the group is asking elected officials to strengthen immigration enforcement. Members say illegal immigration is a security risk and an economic threat.

A second counter-protest of about 300 immigrant advocates also materialized and briefly joined the first protest of leftist activists.

So much for freedom in this country. When will these Liberal assholes -- and yes I mean Liberals, when have you seen a Conservative socialist or anti-war protester? -- get it through their thick heads that just because people have different opinions than you it gives you the right to come out and riot like a bunch of dumbasses.

At least the second 300 was a peaceful protest, which is what this country is about.

Tipped by: The Immigration Blog

Some pictures of these dirty hippies protesting and generally being a bunch of asshats can be found here

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Posted by Digger on October 17, 2005 12:01 AM (Permalink)

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That is because the protestors were probably Mexicans who support the illegal alien tidal wave coming across our borders.
Free Speech means you have to let people speak, you don't have to listen and you sure as hell can't stop them from entering a building.
The Minutemen are PASSIVELY trying to protect our country and trying to get the American Government to acknowledge we have a problem on our borders. They will stop if the government will protect us from the mexican insurgency

Posted by: DP on October 17, 2005 01:37 AM

Hey Digger,

Great post. We attended the America First Conference and it rocked. If you want some photos not taken by 'one world -- globalization' wankers we have some on our blog as well as some posts about the event itself.


Posted by: jake jacobsen on October 17, 2005 01:43 AM

You have to be a few marbles short to go ahead and attack cops in riot-gear.

Posted by: -keith in mtn. view on October 17, 2005 01:50 PM

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