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Gilchrist, Minuteman Project Founder, To Be On Ballot In 48th District Congressional Runoff December 6

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jim_gilchrist_foxnews.jpg James Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project and currently running for Congress as an American Independent, made a decent showing in the 48th district election yesterday. (Contrary to what people like those at the OCBlog say was an embarrassing showing for someone running for Congress for the first time, finishing only about 1800 votes out of second place and handily defeating the leading Democrat by 5.5%).

In the unofficial voting results Gilchrist placed third behind the heavily backed Republican John Campbell endorsed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Republican Marilyn Brewer who was endorsed by Senator John McCain. Steve Young, the nearest Democrat, placed fourth behind Gilchrist. Gilchrist is a veteran marine who received a purple heart in Vietnam.

There are still some absentee ballots to count, but at current counts Campbell received only 46% of the vote, below the 50% needed to avoid a runoff. The runoff will take place December 6, 2005. The seat was vacated by Republican Chris Cox in August when he took over as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Here is the unofficial voting total with all precincts reporting in.

OC Election Page

Vote Count Percentage
JOHN CAMPBELL (REP) 36640 46.0%
MARILYN C. BREWER (REP) 13272 16.7%
JIM GILCHRIST (AI) 11490 14.4%
STEVE YOUNG (DEM) 7110 8.9%
JOHN GRAHAM (DEM) 3242 4.1%
BEA FOSTER (DEM) 2606 3.3%
DON UDALL (REP) 1284 1.6%
JOHN KELLY (REP) 955 1.2%
BRUCE COHEN (LIB) 667 0.8%
DAVID R. CROUCH (REP) 455 0.6%
TOM PALLOW (DEM) 270 0.3%
GUY E. MAILLY (REP) 138 0.2%

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Posted by Digger on October 5, 2005 02:34 AM (Permalink)

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The guy doesn't have a prayer. The AWM hate vote just isn't enough anymore

Posted by: Ralph on October 5, 2005 08:04 AM

You sound pretty stupid and uneducated. How in the world can The Minuteman Project ever be categorized as a hate group. You need to go hang out with the Neo Nazi groups. The Minuteman Project is doing nothing more than the original Minuteman did when we were protecting our country from invasion by the British. They are not acting like militia armed with assault rifles, they are armed with radios and reporting the armies of illegals that are crossing our borders and bankrupting this country. We are being invaded by illegal aliens who are draining our resources and breaking our laws. They aren't trying to get rid of LEGAL, LEGAL, LEGAL HELLO LEGAL, LEGAL!!! immigrants. or did you miss that part.. LEGAL! LEGAL! do you understand the difference, ILLEGAL IS WHEN YOU DON'T IMMIGRATE TO OUR COUNTRY LEGALLY!!! when you do something ILLEGAL you should pay the price. NOT US PAY THE PRICE for you being here.
My own wife is a LEGAL IMMIGRANT and it is a damn disgrace to the process of immigration that so many fools like you turn your head at the problem, but jump right up to point the finger at someone who is trying to fix something that is broken. OUR SYSTEM IS BROKEN and if you don't think it is then something is wrong with you.

Posted by: DP on October 16, 2005 12:27 AM

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