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Kathleen O'Brien Erickson, 22, Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of A 15-Year-Old Girl

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kathleen_erickson.jpg Kathleen O'Brien Erickson, 22, a coach at Tigard High School in Tigard, Ore. was released last week after being arrested for giving a 15-year-old girl marijuana. Upon release the judge told her to have no contact with the 15-year-old girl. The 15-year-old ran away from home and the two were discovered in a park near the High School. Upon arrest the 15-year-old told the police she was sexually abused in the park by Erickson. This is the third arrest of Erickson in 3 weeks all related to incidents involving the 15-year-old.

How much of an idiot do you have to be to continue being found with a minor after a judge has told you to stay away?


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Posted by Digger on September 19, 2005 03:42 PM (Permalink)

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I guess who ever put this in here doesnt really know the whole story. Its just some idiot who thinks this will give them 2 seconds of internet fame. Who ever you are, you are such a good person to try and make someone's life more difficult than it already is. I hope your happy with yourself because now your karma is going to come back to bite you in the ass. I hope im there to see it!!

Posted by: friend on September 21, 2005 02:38 PM

This is what we as Americans should always do to adults having sex with children. I don't care if this rapist is female. The fact is very simple, if we only target male sexual offenders, we allow the other half (females) to continue without punishment for sexual crimes. If the rapist life is ruin too bad, she should have known better. You must be a woman and doing what this rapist had been doing. If so, you are going to be caught.

Posted by: truwajwa on September 27, 2005 10:38 PM

Yep, you are truly a moron. Your just another example of an american drawing conclusions from opinion, not fact. If you knew anything about this case, you would know that the defendant (age 22) is NOT charged with rape. I guess you would need to know how to read to see that. Don't get me wrong, I do think rapists belong in jail, male or female, but what if the 15 year old is making this up?? If you were following the case, you would know that there is no proof, just the 15 year olds word against the defendant. I also happen to know that the 15 year old got up in front of a grand jury and LIED about what really happened. The 15 year old got up and said that her relationship with the defendant was unwanted, but there is evidence of the 15 year old repeatedly telling the defendant "I love you, I need you, I can't live without you, take me away so we can be together... on and on. If the teenager was unwillingly pushed into a sexual relationship by the defendant, why do you think the teenager would go out of her way to tell the defendant how much she loves her? or how much she wants the defendant to "secretly take her away?" Does that sound like someone who unwillingly involved in a relationship?? I didn't thinks so. You need to realize that this is a now-16 year old girl and a 22 year old girl in this case, not a 40 year old vs a 6 year old. Teenagers today think and act independently, so before you go pointing the finger, point it back on yourself and next time, get you facts straight before you write crap like that..

Posted by: knowyourfacts on September 28, 2005 01:59 PM

Where above did I say she was guilty?

I said she'd been arrested and that she is an idiot for being found with the girl again after the judge told her to stay away from this minor.

I stand by my statement.

Posted by: Digger on September 28, 2005 02:25 PM

I was talking about the comment by truwajwa

Posted by: knowyourfacts on September 28, 2005 02:50 PM

none of you knows the whole story. none of u know waht really happend. this case isnt about rape, sexual abuse or anything, its about love. no one knows what the defendant or the "victim" are feeling. i think all of u should stay out of it. this woman is not an idiot, shes not a sexual preditor. she is in love. and i dont get how anyone of u can sit here and argue about who was right and who was wrong, because u cant help who you fall in love with.

Posted by: me on October 24, 2005 07:24 PM

Dear Me,
I think your absolutely right. No one knows the whole story except them. I do believe that they were madly in love, but unfortunately, our society wont let them be together. I think that there is a blame that was put on this 22 year old that has now gotten out of hand. Your right, the things involved are not about abuse, the young girl was not abused, she was in love. Just like the 22 year old. I am really sad for them both. I think they could have made each other very happy. But what is more sad is that some people are trying to ruin this 22 year olds life buy making an example out of her. I think you and I both know that this woman is the last person to make an example out of. She loves children and has never and would never hurt or do anything like this to anyone. The shame she feels will affect her for the rest of her life, But, the young girls parents are pushing to try and ruin her life. I guess they didnt realize that they're not only ruining her life, but everyone elses who love her. I dont think ruining her life will solve anything, it will just make it worse because now, their daughter will never trust them again. I wish that they would just drop the charges and let her get on with her life, god knows she's been through enough already. I think she has learned her lesson. I could understand if this person was a menace to society but the truth is, she just fell in love with a person who was 2 years younger than she had to be. Thats it, nothing else. I dont know who you are but, If you can, please try and help her. If you can say or do anything to help her, please....please do. You have no idea how sad people are about this. The 22 year old is a sweet, caring, loving person that for once, thought of her own feelings instead of others. Please, if you can, help her anyway you can. Her life is in your hands.

Posted by: hope&faith on October 26, 2005 03:38 PM

This is true, no one but the defendant and the 16 year old girl know the truth. so who are any of you to sit here and judge who is right or wrong, or if the defendant is an idiot. People make mistakes, and until the whole story is told I think everyone should shut up. I am a loving friend of the defendant, and this is really uncalled for.

Posted by: relative on October 26, 2005 04:12 PM

dear hope&faith. i can tell that u are close to this woman, and i would really like to talk to u. u dont understand. i have a lot to say and no one who will listen and help. when i read what u wrote it made me burst into tears. i really would appreciate it if you would email me back. my email is. ahhhuconfuseme@yahoo.com. please. i need your help!

Posted by: me on October 31, 2005 03:37 PM

I think anyone who does not know Katie has no right to judge her what so ever. If you were lucky to know Katie or are lucky to be her friend you would understand how wrong you are to be so hurtful. She is a beautiful person and the way she has been dipicted is a crime in itself. What is happening is extremely sad and you would feel this for Katie if you knew her. I couldn't think of a person more undeserving of what is happening than Katie. My thoughts and prayers are with Katie and her family. Everyone in Colorado loves you! Stay strong! Anyone who has anything to say about my statement can personally email me at Milojevi@mscd.edu

Posted by: Sad in Colorado on October 31, 2005 10:21 PM

My daughter and Katie grew up together in Tigard. I know she still considers Katie one of the best and truest friends she ever had. You know how kids are when they fight, bicker, make fun of each other, tattle, tell lies? Katie was one of those special people who never gave in to that sort of thing. She was such a sweet girl and had a mature sense of integrity for a girl of her age. Katie grew up playing sports and trying hard to be the best athlete she could be. She was always in our lives either because my daughter was on her basketbal team or she was a guest in our home. Knowing Katie as I do, I agree with some of your comments here. The individuals who make negative statements are just misguided because you can't understand what it is like to grow up in a family livng in a small sports committed town. The slow, confusing and frightening process of discovering your sexuality amid people who you know won't accept it is also a part of this story. Until we become more willing to truly understand rather than be judgemental about being gay or lesbian, there will be cruelty. We love you Katie and we know that you are going to be ok. We also send out our hopes that the young girl involved will be guided through this with the help of people who have her best interests involved.

Posted by: Still Here For You on November 3, 2005 01:44 PM

There is so much bias in these statements. It is ludicrous. If you know Katie, it seems she is being defended, as expected. Even so, when it comes to the law, what she has done is illegal, and dangerous. Let's see, she distributed Marijuana and alcohol to minors. She distributed on the grounds of a high school. She is sexually involved with a minor. And she was employed at a high school. If that is the best she can do, and the best you people can do is defend this behavior, despite her motives, is frightening. I knew Katie, and this does not surprise me. She has a site on the internet and the head title says "fuck the police". You can take that to the bank. This isnt about making a statement out of her. She broke the law. The 15 year old was reported as a runaway and she did nothing to help that situation either. She indulged underage kids with alcohol, sex, and drugs. That is not opinion. But if you are her friend, I guess that makes it ok, because she is a nice person. Whatever that means. Nice people have committed murder too. She could have grown up in any town. Nothing excuses this. She belongs in prison. A crime against children, and at 15 and 16 they are not adults, they are kids still, should never be tolerated, EVER! Dont excuse breaking the law, and endangering other people as ok. It is never ok!

Posted by: knew her on November 29, 2005 04:48 PM

you know... your absolutely right.. she did break the law. She was caught in a photograph with a controlled substance. Which is illegal. But first... get you story straight. You said she indulged "kids" plural. Not true. She was not a drug dealer on the campus of the high school like you claim. 2nd.. I dont know if you remember what its like being 16 but from what i remember... 16 year olds these days are NOT children. Children are not allowed to drive cars, have serious relationships, or allowed to come home at midnight or 1 am like most 16 year olds in America. In fact, about 70% of kids between the ages of 16-18 in america are having sex. Now do you think that every single one of these "children" are having sex with people there own age?? Probably not. But if the parents are ok with it.. then its fine, but if they're not... its illegal. Yeah... that makes sense. And if your so naive, that you think that when teenagers, the age of 16 are going out on friday and saturday nights to " hang out" are not going to parties where there is drugs and drinking... then i fee sorry for you. This 16 year old was asking katie to get her bags of pot ALL THE TIME. now katie should have said no and not involved herself in that situation because she was a coach. I absolutely agree. But to pretend that katie pushed this stuff on her is just absurd. You act like this girl was an angel before katie, when we both know that she was a repeated run away before katie came into the picture. Now your reference to the website "fuck the police" is invalid. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. And police ARE CORRUPT in this country, and thats the truth. Millions of people are in prison for false accusations and false police reports and there is no disputing that. You just choose to ignore it cause you like in safe town suburbia. Katie did break the law.. no argument.. but don't pretend like she's some sort of child molester, that forced drugs, sex, and alcohol on innocent young children. Cause she's not. Im sure you've broken the law once or twice... running a red light... maybe jay walking? But your right... we are all bias... but it seems to me that out of all the people who have written to this blog site, and the hundred people that believe Katie is a good, sweet person.. YOUR the ONLY one that has ever said " I knew katie, and this doesnt suprise me" So im sure you know her because you know brittney... which leads me to believe that you are part of brittney's family or friends... mom maybe? Which in turn makes you also bias. So I guess the truth is only known by katie and brittney... and in talking to brittney... She has said that katie didnt push her into anything. So, before you go pointing your finger at people who should go to prison for breaking the law... maybe your should point it in another direction because its my understanding that brittney ran away because someone in her family pushed her over the banister in her house and had visible bruises. What about that? I guess thats ok right? hmmm. Well, I guess its all in how you look at it.

Posted by: youdontknow on November 30, 2005 11:52 AM

I understand some of your comments. But no, I am not this Brittney, or a member of her family. I did not mean to make the plural statement, it was a goof. To answer some of your questions. No, I am not as naive about how many teenagers are trying drugs, drinking alcohol, or having sex. I was not one of them, and in so being, I believe it is all still based on choice. A 16 year old is still a 16 year old, and I know this kid is not a saint by any means. Just because someone can go have sex or find alcohol does not make them an adult. They are still easily influenced, which is likely a strong reason many teenagers are doing these things without thought of consequence. Katie on the other hand is an adult, by all standards of our society, and therefore holds more responsibility for all actions, especially concerning any illegal conduct. So, do I give her any sympathy? No, I don't, because she chose to break the law, and add to the troubles of the world rather than help them. That doesnt mean that all other parties are innocents. The police statement, yes there are corrupt people in lots of places, including policemen. However, making these statements about cops being corrupt completely disregards the fact that Katie actually has broken the law. It is best to stick to that before generalizing. And as far as parents go, if parents are fine with something, that does not make it fine. It still is illegal in the eyes of the law, and is still dangerous territory. Parents dont make the law. I know what many kids do, and there are kids that dont do those things. To say that somehow they are just going to do these things so might as well let them is ridiculous, and takes no responsibility. Katie still distributed to a minor, still had illegal actions with a minor, among other things. She has been cited for DUI before as well. It has nothing to do with this girl, or anyone else. Katie chose to do those things, and must pay the consequence. Thats why we have laws here. In addition, you do not know where I live, if I live in a suburban area. You already lose credibility by making assumptions. Being a good, sweet person really does not mean a whole lot. Everyone believes their friends are good people simply because they are their friend. Or a family member. If your sibling committed a heinous crime, you would not want to think ill of them, and would maybe even support them despite knowing that they were guilty of said crime. So being a good sweet person is displayed through actions. And helping a run away, and giving them illegal drugs, giving them alcohol, and engaging in illegal sexual conduct, no matter how you slice it, is not something that sweet people do. Some of the worst things in history have been done with good intentions. I knew her, and I may even be a friend, you don't know. But she deserves to go to prison for her choices, and this sort of behavior should not be rationalized. It should be acknowledged for what it is. It is unhealthy, and does not help anybody, and it is wrong and dangerous. If this Brittney girl has had problems with physical abuse, it should be reported, and the man should be dealt with by the law, and hopefully that happens. But you dont look away on one crime to pay attention to another. You give them both the attention they deserve. So, no that is not ok. But I am pointing no fingers. She did break the law....multiple times. What she did is dangerous, and according to the law, she should be in jail. That is not an opinion. I stand up against people who do harm to others. Katie's an adult, she knew what she was doing. I don't know anyone who would agree that a 22 year old hanging out with 15, 16 year old girls doing drugs and drinking is in any way an acceptable reality.

Posted by: knew her... on November 30, 2005 03:19 PM

Note for previous post: The search that turned up her being cited for DUI is incorrect. It was a different Kathleen Erickson of Oregon. Apologies for this error.

Posted by: knew her... on November 30, 2005 10:48 PM

ok so first off to "youdontknow" you have no right putting brittany's name out there!! and you should get your story straight also because brittany did not ask katie to get her bags of pot all the time! actually if anything she got them from a different person! she only smoked with katie!the other thing is that she was not a runaway before katie came along! and the you are rigth the only reason she did run away was to get out of the hell hole her parents called home! she couldnt take it..and she was lucky enough to have katie there for her,when no one else wanted to help or listen katie would. they were bestfriends! and for you to think that this "knew her" knew brittany is absurd because anyone who really knows brittany and loves her..loves katie as well! and id really like to know when you talked to brittany...because she wouldnt just come out and say shit about doing drugs or anything!and how the hell did you know that someone pushed her over the banister? and how dare you state that on this blog! that is her personal business that she has to live with!
and as for you "knew her" there is no way in hell that you knew katie..and if you did..you didnt know her very well because katie is the most amazing person ive ever met..and i know that she has changed peoples lives because of how much she cared! i can tell you that katie didnt force brittany to do anything! infact it was brittany's choice...katie didnt influence her at all. i know for a fact that katie is a good person and im not saying that because im her friend im saying that because its true. before me and katie were "friends" she taught at camps and helped out at different basketball things,she lit up the room with her love and caring about children and of basketball...she would do absolutly anything for anyone before even thinkin of herself! and tehre is no way in hell that she deseves to go to prison or jail!!! yes she did break the law so did brittany and yes brittany has paid the price, and katie is to not only has brittany hadto take classes and such and katie's been in and outta jail and will most likly serve some time for a short time but they both are being punished with not being able to be with one another. i know katie and brittany VERY well and although ive only ben able to tal kto brittany i cant even imagine the pain that she or katie is in. the love they birttany has for katie and the guilt she feels will be with her forever...even after katie is released. no matter what you say these girls fell inlove. and honestly you cant help who you fall in love with. brittany suffers everyday knowing she wont be able to see katie, knowing that her "baby" is in jail. knowing that she cant be with the person she loves until she is 18years old! katie and brittany are the only ones that know the full truth...they are the only ones who are hurting like mother f'n hell! and the things you say about both of them. and there is no law that says 22 year olds and 15 or 16 year old cant hang out, and before the "did drugs" together as you say- they became bestfriends. they were eachothers other half..they loved spending time together..and the cool part is that their relationship didnt become a real love relationship til months and months after they became so close! all of you should stay outta katie and brittany's lives..dont you think they have suffered enough? imagine being in brittany's or katie's shoes..reading about what other people are saying about them...when you cant say or do anything about it...you wouldnt be able to handle it! so just stop! you dont know shit! ok!?!

Posted by: me on December 1, 2005 12:59 AM

Consider this. I may not be privy to much "insider" information in this case, about whether they are in love, or are good friends for each other, or whatever else. The problem lies in the fact that breaking the law cannot be masked because of someones intentions, and it is simply important not to condone illegal behavior, no matter what someone has gone through, it does not give someone the right to break the law and then make excuses for doing so. That is the point I know I am trying to make here. It isnt about pointing fingers, or trying to butt into their lives. But things like this happens because rarely does anyone step up to the plate to say that this is not ok. I knew Katie, and I am in no way trying to say she is some horrible person. But I'm sorry, there is nothing appropriate about this. Having a rough life is not a free pass to break the law. I hope maybe they will learn that, if anything. I'm sorry if that sounds negative too, but thats life. People have to take the consequences like adults. Thats why we have laws. Everyone thinks they are justified when doing something wrong. And if other things are going on, that are being done to them, they should be reported. Again, that is the better option, than making excuses for poor behavior that can endanger peoples lives. That is why this has become a criminal matter. It isnt because of corrupt cops, or because people just have it out for them. The problem must be acknowledged, not excused. So, if you want to say that I don't know anything, go right ahead. Don't assume my intention by discussing this, as feeding my own agenda. Thanks. I am sorry for their pain, but we all make choices too.

Posted by: knew her... on December 1, 2005 02:01 AM

I am a relative of Katie. I havent been close to Katie since we were kids, yet she is soo sweet to me. No matter what happens Katie doesnt look down on people, she doesnt judge people. She loves people for who they are inside. She saw Brittney for who she was, she loved her and cared about her. 2 more years and this wouldnt be an issue. If you loved someone would you want to be forced to wait to years to show snd exclaim your love? I wouldnt be able to. So dont blame Katie for being in love! Yah maybe it was to a minor, but maybe Brittney is the only one who will love and care for Katie the way she deserves. Dont Judge the love they have for each other and dont judge them! Their only mistake was not being able to control the love they have for each other.

Posted by: relative on February 10, 2006 03:09 AM

i have to agree with what you(relative) said. i know alot about this whole thing. and im very close to katie and well brittany also. thank you for seeing it the way that they do. they are just in love and you are 100% right katie did see brittany for who she is. she was the only person who made brittany feel like she belonged. and you are 100% right that brittany will love and care for katie like she deserves..for the rest of her life.. brittany would do anything and everything for her, and she is in so much pain. but she knows that they cant keep them from eachother forever, and that their love will make it through this. i thank you so much for what you said..i knwo that it touched brittany. and know that there are so many people who love katie and support her and britt totally, so thank you.

Posted by: me on February 10, 2006 01:44 PM

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