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Israelis Pull Out Of Gaza, Palestinians Enter It Burn And Destroy Everything

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In a show of how powerful they are the Palestinians entered Gaza after the last Israeli troops pulled out and began to destroy the synagogues and other buildings. Rather than using the resources that already existed they choose to grind everything to dust and live in squalor. I guess they assume that the US will just send them some more aid.

LA Times

Palestinians surged triumphantly into demolished Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip early today, torching empty synagogues and firing shots into the air, as the last Israeli soldiers withdrew after 38 years of occupation.


This is a day of happiness and joy that the Palestinian people have not witnessed for a century," Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said.

At the former Netzarim settlement in northern Gaza, one of several places where crowds pushed past cordons of Palestinian police after the Israeli troops had left, thick clouds of smoke darkened the sky at dawn.

Men made their way around the demolished community on bicycle, donkey and foot, scavenging door frames and toilets. Some in the crowd tied the flags of the largest militant groups — green for Hamas, black for Islamic Jihad — around their necks as capes.

"It's ours now, and I had to come out to see it with my own eyes," said Raed Dashan, 29, of Gaza City.

Celebrating Palestinians set fire to the synagogue in Netzarim, and there were reports of similar torchings in Morag and other locations.

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Posted by Digger on September 12, 2005 09:42 PM (Permalink)

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It's all well and good to put the bit about the synagoges being destroyed, but not if you are not willing to contextualize it. In fact, the Israeli government had agreed to pull down the synagoges as part of the withdrawl plan. The case went all the way to Israel's Supreme Court, which gave it there approval. It was only a few days before the withdrawal that the Israeli cabinet voted not to tear down the synagoges, both because it would make them look bad, and because leaving it for the Palestinians to do would make the Palestinians look bad. Looks like they got the bad publicity for the Palestinians just as they'd hoped.

It's worth noting that the synagoge I saw pictured in the New York Times had a huge, multi-story high star of David as its front, which probably had been taken as a form of harrassment by the neighbors of the settlement when it was first constructed.

Posted by: sdc on September 14, 2005 12:40 PM

Israelis Pull Out Of Gaza, Palestinians Enter It Burn And Destroy Everything.....

From the news seen here the Isrealies destroyed pretty much everything leaving, so where that headline comes from apart from some propogandist rag who knows!!! Its about time the Palestinians were given back the land taken from them and the Isrealies were brought to book re all the war crimes committed by them on the Palestinians over the last decade or two.

Posted by: Frank W on September 18, 2005 07:12 PM

all muslims are low life scum and there is no living with them you can only kill them.the so called palies who are realy jordanians are the real occupiers and should have been shown the door long ago.i have a good idea for all you anti-jew liberals move to bethlehem see how long you last in a formerly christian town.

Posted by: bruce on November 15, 2007 05:14 PM

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