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I Won A Palm Pilot

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As I mentioned in an earlier entry I attended the RIT tech Job Fair. So, I get this call the other day on my answering machine from one of the temp agencies "call us back and ask for anyone from the tech department, we have a big surprise for you". I'm thinking to myself what the hell kind of surprise could a temp agency have for me except for a job or maybe they have a direct placement with a prior employer of mine here. I gave them a ring back curious.

palm_tungsten_e2.jpg They had done a drawing from all the resumes they had received and out of 170+ they had managed to pick mine. Go figure, cuz I never win anything. So, I won a Palm Pilot Tungsten E2. I went and picked it up this morning and it's plugged in and charging, only 3 hours to go.

Being a techie I am surprisingly out of the gadget scene. I've never owned any type of PDA and the last cell phone (one of those Motorola's with the built in walkie-talkie) I had was years ago. I just haven't seen the need. I guess it's time to learn a new style of writing since this thing uses the Palm Graffiti stylus writing which seems archaic to me. I suck at learning new languages. I mean give me a computer language and I'll pick it up in a week. Give me some foreign language and I'm like a complete idiot.

The only other issue is that the installation is via CD and I had to disconnect mine because it was acting weird before the move. On top of that I'm seriously out of date on upgrading my OS because my machine is a piece of shit. So I don't even know if the software will run because it says requires win2000/XP and I have neither.

I'm thinking this windfall could actually end up being a disappointment in the long run if I can't even use the thing. Oh well, such is life.

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Congrats on your win! Im jealous

Posted by: Ethan on August 23, 2005 09:34 PM


Posted by: Mike on August 24, 2005 04:59 AM

There's plenty of help from the palm website. I downloaded a version that works with the POS computer at work for my E2.

Posted by: Cap'n Bob on August 25, 2005 01:55 PM

There are lots of interesting things you can do with that thing. Just need to found out!. Have fun.

Posted by: solomon on August 25, 2005 07:39 PM

Here's a link to a forum that talks about a common end user issue with T/E2:


Link 2

Posted by: Peg on August 27, 2005 06:57 AM

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