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On The London Attacks

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I don't have a lot of running commentary on the London attacks. For that see The Jawa Report. I do have this to say though.

For those countries in Europe who think they are immune and allow radical Muslims to sell how-to DVD's on their street corners, you will be hit eventually. Spain thought it was immune. I'm sure France thinks they are immune. Canada obviously thinks they're immune as they continue to let terrorist groups congregate. Current estimates are that there are 50 different terrorist groups in Canada.

If anything this attack has thrown down the gauntlet to you countries that haven't yet faced an attack. You are on their list. If you kiss their ass, you will still be hit. If you think the terrorists can be negotiated with, you will be hit. As you continue to attack America saying they are irrational for preemptively striking against terrorist countries, the terrorists are planning your hit.

Americans have a high respect for Britain and the English people and our heart goes out to those common men and women who have been affected by this atrocious attack.

This is not a time for political correctness, this is a time to crack down on this ridiculousness and put an end to it. If it takes the invasion and destruction of every nation helping these terrorists or providing them with a means, then every freedom loving nation should be all for it. When you can't walk down the street without being bombed in your own country you better be willing to fight for your freedom or you might as well pack up your stuff and move into a cave because you've already given it up.

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What really sucks about this is I am watching for the first time the replay of the Aid for Africa concert in London, I think is was called Live 8 or something, but anyway, it is pretty weak that all of these people got together, in London, to try and do something for the good of the people that can't speak for themselves and within a week or two later they have their subway bombed??? That is weak! At some level the terrorist must be thinking that that might not have been a great idea. I get the whole "get out of the middle east" thing, trust me, we want out a lot earlier than they want us out, but to kill innocent people that, for the most part, want to help is pretty messed up. I realize that we are not a perfect country and that we don't have the perfect government, but man, when you look around the globe, we try to do a lot of good. Pick your disaster and we are there trying to help...maybe to a fault, who knows.

Posted by: Doug on July 9, 2005 10:44 AM

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