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Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman

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wonder_woman.jpg I woke up this morning and watched Wonder Woman. I just wanted to show the kids so they'd know who she was since they'd never seen it before. Sure it was cheesy and it wasn't as exciting as I remember it when I watched as a kid, but one thing has remained the same. Lynda Carter was still hot! There was no dulling of that edge. The plot summary was about a group of ex-Nazi's -- who while hid out in South America -- manage to clone Hitler. Your typical super hero storyline.

They have Wonder Woman on DVD (the complete seasons) and I've heard they're going to do a Wonder Woman movie soon. Apparently there hasn't even been a deal for the movie yet and they have no clue who to cast. Good luck finding someone that can even remotely compete with Lynda Carter. Those eyes of hers could melt a small schoolboys heart -- as they did mine when I was just a lad.

That fool who made Buffy, Josh Whedon, is said to be at the helm.

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For starters, he says that the film will be set in the modern world – despite previous TV and comic incarnations that have placed the character in the past.

“It goes back to World War II,” he says of the source material. “This will be in the modern day, but Wonder Woman herself will never be in the modern day.” ... As for who will play the part of Princess Diana, Whedon says that he hasn’t even begun to think about that yet as he’s still busy finishing up his feature debut as a director, Serenity.

“[Casting] is the last thing on my mind and I’m happy to say it’s the last thing on Warner Bros.’ and [producer] Joel [Silver’s] mind too,” he says. “We’re like, ‘Let’s write the part! Then we’ll have a better idea of who’s good for it.’ And we’ve talked about whether it should be someone famous or an unknown. Ultimately there are advantages to both, so nobody’s thinking about that… except everybody.”


“There hasn’t even actually been a whole deal signed and everything [for Wonder Woman],” he says. ... “I’m working on it in the way that I always work on everything which is that I think about it while I’m doing other things, but right now we’re in the final stages of wrapping up Serenity and that’s where my focus is. The reason I was able to take the Wonder Woman gig was that they don’t have a release date and they don’t have a schedule, and that means I have time to sit back and get it right. It will happen, but it’s not like ‘Bang, you’re ten weeks under the gun.’ The starting gun has not fired but I always jump the gun anyway. When you have a product that rich you can’t help but think of ideas for it, the same way I think of ideas for the Serenity sequel that may never happen. We don’t turn it off.”

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Posted by Digger on June 11, 2005 10:43 AM (Permalink)

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Linda Carter hot? Man are you showing your age or what? Then on the other hand perhaps just good taste. I agree, she has matured into a foxy ol' thing...and yes I guess that means I am showing mine (age that is).

Posted by: NOTR on June 12, 2005 11:14 PM

Joss also did Fierfly, and the movie Serinity... i knwo buffy and angle kinda had there cheese... but Joss knows his stuff.

Posted by: dan smithson on November 27, 2005 06:08 PM

so happy to see you
I,m korean (age 45, male)
you are my dreamMOM when I lonly age13
and now
happpy memory when talking about youth time with
my family
be health and happy please..

Posted by: inbek on July 20, 2007 03:12 AM

I just got the box of all seasons for 6 dollars, I have watched the first few and I am really looking forward to see them all. I really enjoy it when she spins.... lol. and this was top of the line graphics in the day.


Posted by: michael_37 on July 13, 2009 11:05 PM

Wonder woman was my favorite super idol when I was a little child. I could not wait until the weekend to see her. I've got very good memories about her. She was the best.

Posted by: Pablo on October 12, 2009 09:54 AM

While watching the movie Sky High w/my kids I realized that the principle was none other than Lynda Carter aka Wonder Woman!! So I had to show them the original picture of her!!! Thats wassup!!

Posted by: Diva on May 28, 2011 01:27 PM

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