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Connecticut House Says No To In-State Tuition For Illegal Aliens

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In a sign that some Representatives still have a brain, Connecticut's House of Representatives voted down a proposal to provide in-state tuition to citizens of another country who snuck into the United States and have no legal residence anywhere in this country. The fact that 65 actually voted in favor of the proposal is a disgrace. The final vote was 77-65 against.

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Proponents said children should not be penalized for their parents' decision to come to the country illegally, and should be granted the opportunity for an affordable education.

"In every sense, these students are Connecticut residents," said Rep. Roberta Willis, D-Lakeville, who leads the higher education committee. "They have resided in Connecticut for most of their lives; they have attended and graduated from Connecticut schools."

Opponents wanted to amend the bill to require that the children apply for legal citizenship before taking advantage of the cheaper in-state college tuition rate, but that amendment was defeated.

Currently, undocumented students who apply for visas or permanent residency can be subject to deportation, and Democrats said the amendment would defeat the point of the bill. Under the legislation, students would have had to have gone to a Connecticut high school for at least three years. They also would have had to file an affidavit promising to file for citizenship when they became eligible.

Many questioned why the state should extend the in-state rate to people who may never apply, or be eligible to apply, for citizenship.

"So we've now financed, for $40,000, a student to go to college who cannot work in the state. They do not have a green card, and they are not eligible to work," said Rep. Robert Heagney, R-Simsbury.

So the fact that they've managed to remain hidden and in a school burning up taxpayers dollars for 3 years gives them the rights of a US citizen who resides in Connecticut? That makes absolutely no sense at all. And when exactly do illegal aliens become eligible to file for citizenship?

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