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Jennifer Wilbanks, Runaway Bride -- or Audrey Seiler Redux

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Back in April of last year one of my first posts was on Audrey Seiler. Do you remember her? She was the 4.0 GPA college student who was a popular and energetic woman. She never did anything wrong and was the sweetest thing -- or so the media would have you believe after she was "kidnapped". No one had a bad word about Audrey.

Later of course it was discovered that she had staged the whole thing and even after massive searches by police and volunteers for a killer with a knife she didn't let on for days costing the police nearly $100,000 and an undeterminable cost to all the volunteers.

In the end here's what Audrey Seiler received as a sentence.


Seiler's family must be rather well off, because her parents hired three lawyers for two misdemeanor charges of obstruction. Judge James Martin--husband to a co-worker of mine--has agreed to the plea bargain arrangement of three years probation, $250 a month to repay the cost of her investigation, and 250 hours of community service with an organization that deals with missing children. The case opened with a discussion of whether these charges should be expunged from her record when she successfully completes probation. The judge has granted an expungement order, which means that in three years she can pretend it never happened. At $250 a month, she will repay the city of Madison only $9000 of the over $90,000 expense to the city. That's right--you too can cause a nationwide event and only be held responsible for 10% of the damages. Go to it, all you self-indulgent bimbos and losers out there.

The girl is on anti-depressants now, and in a prepared speech in front of the judge she still made the claim that she "doesn't remember" most of what happened during the five days she was missing. Indeed, she claims she thought she was only gone a "couple of day."

I was so furious at this that it is one of the things that got me into regularly blogging. The fact that we allow people to get away with this shit is appalling. Audrey should have been forced to pay the full amount and it should have been widely publicized that she was being forced to do so. There's no deterrence in anything she faces.

Now we come to the fucking bitch that ran away from her sweet little wedding because she got "cold feet". She planned an elaborate scheme where she'd go jogging at night and hop a bus to New Mexico -- of all places -- and chop her hair short. No one would miss her, she'd just vanish a few days before her wedding into the dark leaving all of her stuff behind and no trace.

As most of us know over the past few days it has been shoved in our face over and over by the media about this poor missing woman. Fingers were pointing at her soon-to-be husband, the wife killer. Her family and friends were out looking for her at all hours of the night. Cops were spending a tremendous amount of time and money trying to track her down.

After days of putting her family through such hell and anguish and appearing on national news she decided it was time to maybe contact them and let police know that her fiancé hadn't slashed her throat, cut her up and was trying to hde the body. He even faced massive amounts of ridicule because he wanted to think about it before taking a polygraph, in the end agreeing, but only if it would be videotaped.

Jennifer Wilbanks made a crying call to 911 on how she had been kidnapped by a Mexican couple in a blue van and held hostage and was now free and had found a pay phone. Upon hearing the news a street party broke out outside of her home. She had been found alive after being kidnapped! Her husband came out holding his fingers in the air in the form of a "V". Meanwhile the cops spent a lot of time stopping blue vans.

Later under police questioning Wilbanks broke down and admitted she had planned the whole thing.

Now come the most ridiculous part of all of this crap. After all this stuff this selfish and hateful woman has done to her family and cost the taxpayer and cost in time of the police hunting down real crimes we get this from the police:

Fox News

Police said there would be no criminal charges, although more than 100 officers led a search that involved several hundred volunteers, including many wedding guests and members of the bridal party.
That's right, no charges. I'm outraged and you should be too! Let's finish this up before I burst a blood vessel in my neck.

After police reported the hoax, the mood outside Wilbanks' home went from jubilant to somber. Family members ducked inside and the blinds were drawn.


Just hours before Wilbanks called her fiance, police in Duluth said they had no solid leads in the case and began dismantling a search center. Relatives offered a $100,000 reward for information and were planning a prayer vigil.

The hunt for Wilbanks had consumed the tight-knit town. Her picture and newspaper articles about her disappearance were on telephone poles and shop windows. Police had also seized three computers from the home she shared with Mason.

Mason did not speak publicly after Wilbanks said she lied about being abducted. Her uncle, Mike Satterfield, thanked people who had helped in the search.

"Jennifer had some issues the family was not aware of. We're looking forward to loving her and talking to her about these issues," he said.

Ryan Kelly, owner of the Park Cafe a few blocks from Wilbanks' house, which gave out coffee and sandwiches to searchers, said he was glad Wilbanks was alive and healthy. "But that being said, this is one of the most selfish and self-centered acts I've ever seen. We saw her parents, and you could see the anguish in their eyes. It was terrible," he said.

"I don't care where you are — unless you're in the Amazon rain forest, you'd know everybody was out looking for you."


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I don't know why someone would think that just disappearing and damn near giving everyone in their family heart attacks would be a better idea than just saying, "Hey, I need a little time to think about this." Jeez.

Posted by: Catherine on May 2, 2005 07:21 AM

finally!! someone who calls the runaway bride out for what she is! A runaway BITCH! Ive been talking bout this forever at my site jidoshiscott.blogspot.com Just like i thought, the skank got away with a slap on the hand. Great blog, on my favorite list. scott

Posted by: scott on June 3, 2005 02:48 PM

Wilbanks and Seiler are probably both Dissociative Fugue victims.

They are not the only ones to disappear. Some recover and return; others are eventually found by relatives; but some are still missing.

Seiler used a laptop in an apartment with a roommate. Wilbanks was a worker in an office that would not have provided Cubicle Level Protection.

The oldest case on the Internet is Ron Tammen. He disappeared from Miami of Ohio in 1953. His story is posted by the Library at the University of Miami. There are links to all these stories on my site.

VisionAndPsychosis.Net is a psychology project about a conflict of physiology related to the vision startle reflex. The problem was discovered when it caused mental breaks for Knowledge workers using the first close-spaced office workstations. The Cubicle was the solution to that problem by 1968.

Posted by: L K Tucker on August 10, 2005 07:45 PM

where are they now? are they still causing their families trouble? Neither one got any kind of punishment that is why this stuff still goes on.

Posted by: deb on August 16, 2008 05:20 PM

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