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Mother Of 14-Year-Old Daughter Told "You Have No Rights" In Regards To Her Abortion

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Not only was this 14-year-old girl essentially kidnapped, but the person who kidnapped her also committed fraud in stating she was the child's grandmother.

I covered my take on abortion, euthanasia and the death penalty a few days ago and as stated there, I am in favor of abortion. However, This is an outrageous story that a mother was not notified or allowed to even talk to her daughter. The parent who took her there should be arrested for kidnapping in my opinion. If the daughter was somehow injured in the procedure -- and there is always a chance of injury with even minor surgical procedures -- the responsible party would be her parents. If she would have been injured for life due to infection or some other problem it would have been the parents who would be expected to take care of her for the rest of her life, yet they have absolutely no knowledge that it is even occurring. For them to not be notified is the most ridiculous thing in the world.

Illinois Leader

A Southern Illinois woman was arrested last week (March 17) after trying to intervene on behalf of her 14-year old daughter's effort to have an abortion. The girl was allegedly taken to an abortion clinic by the mother of the man allegedly to have impregnated the 14-year old.

According to the girl's mother, her 14-year old daughter was called off from school in Madison County by a woman posing as the girl's “grandmother.” The woman took the girl from her home only minutes before the girl’s mother returned home from work.

It was later determined that the woman who had posed as the "grandmother" to the school authorities was the mother of the male who had fathered the unborn child the 14-year old girl was carrying. The age of the male has not been released.

When the parents were notified their pregnant daughter was not at school, they suspected she had been taken to the Hope Abortion Clinic in Granite City. The parents and grandfather were the only persons authorized to request school absence for the fourteen year old female.

“My husband and I rushed to the abortion clinic where we saw our daughter’s name on the roster and the time she had checked in,” the mother said. She then went into the clinic and searched a room filled with young women awaiting abortions but did not see her daughter.

She took a seat near the main desk and said, “I was told I could not prove my daughter was there so I began calling her name. A medical tech at the clinic told me , ‘It’s your daughter’s rights, it’s her body. You have no rights.’

After continuing to call out her daughter’s name and telling her “don’t do it,” authorities were called and the mother was arrested.

The 14-year old told her mother she could hear her but when she asked employees to give her mother a message, they came back to the room and told her that her mother had left.

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Posted by Digger on March 29, 2005 01:39 AM (Permalink)

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I may be sick. Sick. Sick.

If you have a daughter, this should chill you to the bone.

Posted by: Rightwingsparkle on March 29, 2005 05:39 PM

That is absolutely horrific. What kind of security system does this clinic have? If you are under 18, isn't your LEGAL GUARDIAN supposed to sign for you? And don't they have to be able to prove it that they are your guardian? I think it's rediculous that parents are responsible for everything that their children do until they are 18, yet they have no right to know that their child is having a dangerous procedure, that if done incorrectly, could kill them. Absolutley insane.

Posted by: Catherine on March 31, 2005 12:01 PM

I can't believe this!!! I do not support law suites for the most part. I think people are too sue happy, so to speak. But this woman needs to sue the ever-loving crap out of the school (to help enforce that only the legal guardians pick up the children from the school). Sue the woman that took her daughter (I can only imagine that if it were my daughter that I would be in jail for other reasons) and sue the clinic. Not suing for $$, but for procedure changes or to revoke the ability of the people top do this kind of crap without the parents blessing. My children are my whole world. If someone does anything to them without my blessing there will be HELL TO PAY!!!!!

Posted by: Craig on April 8, 2005 06:25 AM

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