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SaveOurState Rally Against Glendale Home Depot April 9, 2005

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SaveOurState.org is planning another rally against Home Depot for its support of illegal aliens and groups like La Raza.

Diggers Realm has covered several rally's by SaveOurState in the past, including pictures and reports on the recent protest against Home Depot in Rancho Cucamonga on March 12, 2005 and the rally against illegal aliens at the San Diego Civic Center on January 15, 2005.

The current rally is scheduled for the location and time below. For more information see the press release at SaveOurState

Home Depot
5040 San Fernando Road
Glendale, CA 91204

Saturday, April 9th
10AM - 1PM


Home Depot proudly supports racist, anti-American organizations and criminally violates federal laws prohibiting the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens through their sponsorship and funding of day labor centers throughout the country.

In Glendale, Home Depot helped the city establish a day labor center right across the street from its parking lot ... and supplies and also agreed to fund the staff position. Their total investment appears to be well over $50,000 a year.

Just a few miles away in Cypress Park, Home Depot has allowed CHIRLA [Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles,a pro illegal alien group] to establish a day labor center in their store parking lot.

In Burbank, they are only months away from breaking ground on a new store and day labor center. Home Depot purchased a tract of land for their store and subsequently carved out a parcel and presumably donated that land for the establishment of this day labor center. They didn't stop there. Home Depot also agreed to provide $100,000 a year in funding for this day labor center.

Studies show that day laborers are overwhelmingly illegal aliens. The city of Glendale admitted such in their discussion of their day labor center. Clearly, Home Depot is aware that these center cater to illegal aliens.

Home Depot has partnered with and donated money to the National Council of La Raza. The National Council of La Raza advocates open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, drivers' licenses and college tuition discounts for illegal aliens.

This is just a ridiculous stance for a company to make. The lack of public outcry against these groups is sickening. They are no less racist than a white supremacist group, yet because they claim to be "helping the poor and downtrodden" they can get away with breaking laws, accepting funds from companies and continuing to spread their hate filled messages with impunity.

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Posted by Digger on March 28, 2005 11:55 PM (Permalink)

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I have been going to some of the RALLIES!
And they are really FUN.
I am very shy so don't be afraid to show up.
If you are scared just drive by....once you see the American protesters there...just park your can and join us!
We will give you a sign or flag to hold.
You won't be sorry, you will go home feeling good about doing something about this mess in California or whatever city you live in.
We are actually fighting our traitorous government.

Posted by: Wendy on March 29, 2005 10:59 PM

The Save Our State rallies against Home Depot do absolutely nothing about "this mess".

Posted by: Ralph on April 15, 2005 11:08 AM

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