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Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Terrorists Found Executed By Iraqi's

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Further proof that the Iraqi's are getting fed up with the foreign terrorist in their country is the discovery of 7 bodies of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorist members. The bodies were found in Ramadi and each had been lined up and shot by locals in retaliation for an attack that killed a leader of their clan last Oct. 2.

Washington Post

"My cousins are the ones who killed them," said Jabbar Khalaf Marawi, 42, a former army officer and Communist Party member in Ramadi. Marawi said the slayings were carried out by members of his Dulaimi clan in retaliation for the killing of a clan leader -- Lt. Col. Sulaiman Ahmed Dulaimi, the Iraqi National Guard commander for Ramadi and Fallujah -- by Zarqawi's group last Oct. 2.

Dulaimi and three bodyguards were traveling through Khaldiyah, a small town east of Ramadi. When their vehicle slowed to navigate a series of concrete blocks placed in the road by U.S. forces, it was suddenly surrounded by a large group of armed men, according to witnesses interviewed at the time. The bodyguards were shot and killed on the spot, and Dulaimi was abducted, they said.

His body was found two days later in a youth center on the shores of Tharthar Lake, 20 miles north of Khaldiyah. Both his legs were broken in multiple places, his fingernails were removed, razor slashes were etched across his back and he had two bullet wounds in his chest, according to his autopsy report.

A statement by Zarqawi's group asserted responsibility for the killing, accusing Dulaimi of being an "agent . . . who works for the Americans." The statement said he had "confessed" to giving U.S. forces information about weak spots in the guerrillas' defenses in southern Fallujah.

Zarqawi has pledged he will get revenge by beheading them.
A notice from Zarqawi's group was posted on the mosque's gate this week announcing the deaths of the men and calling their killers "blasphemers, far from the religion of God, who betrayed the mujaheddin after they trusted them." It vowed to find and behead the killers, described as "followers of the occupiers."

At the Dulaimi family compound this week in the Abu Marie area of Ramadi, the slain colonel's father, Hamad Dulaimi, 73, sat on a bench as a group of children played in the yard. The surrounding streets and rooftops were crowded with armed men.

"These are the children of Sulaiman, who was killed by those bastards," he said.

The colonel's wife joined him: "Now we can talk, because we got revenge."

"If I didn't know that my son was innocent, I wouldn't have sent his cousins for revenge," the father said. "But for we Arabs, the matter of revenge is like honor. Both are the same for us."

As for Zarqawi's promise to retaliate, he said: "We got our revenge, and we have our precautions. Let them do as they like."

I would expect more revenge killings as the terrorists groups are targeting the innocent Iraqi's more than they are the coalition forces. They're sure to have killed more clan leaders and families that are looking for their chance at revenge as well.

Tipped by: The Jawa Report via OpiniPundit

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