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Exercise Update

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I started exercising back in November/December sometime and since then have kept with it. I've made it a habit to go at least 3 times a week and more if I feel like it. I started lifting as well. I kind of cut down on the lifting after a few months though because I wanted to focus more on dropping some fat first.

My current workout is a mile run on the treadmill at 5-6 mph with a .2 mile walk before and after. The machine tells me I burn about 150 calories in 15 minutes total.

After that I've been hitting the stationary bike -- and this is where I have really increased my workout. I do a full 20 minutes all varied intermediate hills at a good pace. I started with burning about 400 calories on that, but recently have increased my speed so that I burn about 500-550 calories in 20 minutes.

Then I hit the elliptical orbiter machine and go for a mile on an uphill course. That takes 10-15 minutes depending on how I feel and how fast I go. I do a few minutes of cool down on that, finishing with around 175-200 calories burned.

So, for now I'm burning 800-900 calories a workout (at least according to the machines) and I'm dripping wet when I come home. I can literally wring my shirt out it is so wet and my wife tells me I look like I've jumped in the pool.

As for weight loss, well I haven't shed that many pounds, maybe 5-10 in total, but I gained a lot of muscle when I was lifting 3 times a week so I didn't expect to drop that much. I don't wear jeans much, but the other day when I threw them on they were loose! I buttoned 'em up and had a thumb or two of room to spare in the waist. I was pleasantly surprised.

I haven't changed my diet much. I still usually have a bowl or two of cereal in the morning, sometimes I have a snack for lunch and for dinner it's usually some sort of meat with a vegetable and side like mashed potatoes or rice and a Coke. Yeah, the Coke probably isn't doing me any good, but it's my one luxury. I also sometimes have a desert of a cup of ice cream when the kids don't eat it all.

I want to start lifting weights again, but with my workout I'm usually pretty burned up and soppy by the end so I don't feel like it. I think the workout is more important for now and I'll get back to the weights later.

One good thing about it is I don't feel quite as lethargic as I used to and I sleep a lot better. A lot of the pains I used to have, like those in my lower back, have really been reduced with the working out. When I do get sore I take a day off from the exercise and let my body rest.


I just went back and read my earlier post on exercise. Sheesh, I left some errors in it, but I was probably exhausted when I wrote it. I wanted to write this post before I read the older one so that I could see the differences. One of the main things I did right after writing that was take the advice of a commenter, Michael Williams -- who runs the blog Master of None, from that post and got some decent shoes. It was a huge difference and I haven't had joint pain at all since.

The other big change from that initial post is that I stepped up the weight training when I was doing it. When I stopped lifting I was doing 12 reps of each exercise rather than the higher reps I was doing earlier. My chest butterfly was at 90lbs, 90 lbs. horizontal press, 50 lbs. triceps pull down, 80 lbs. lat pull down front, 100 lbs. lat pull down back, 120 lbs. horizontal row pull, 70 lbs. sitting vertical press, and biceps curls at 75 lbs. I note it here so when I start back up I know where I was when I stopped. So, I really stepped the weight up when I was doing it and cut the reps after reading around the web. From what I read high weight/low reps is for building bulk and low weight/high reps is more for toning. I don't mind being toned I just wanted to add a little muscle after being sedentary for so many years.

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