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Around The Blogosphere #21

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The "help me please" edition in the continuing saga of interesting and thought provoking news from around the web.

There's sure to be something you've missed around the blogosphere.

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Tall Glass Of Milk over at Drink This... is asking for a little help shipping a package to some troops overseas.

Outside The Beltway digs into whether the public story of Saddam Hussein's capture is different than what really happened.

The Education Wonks put on week 5 of the Carnival of Education.

Did you know a man in the Philippines cut off his own penis and then ate it? The MUSC Tiger's did.

Say Anything reports on Nebraska restoring the rights of felons to vote.

Citizen Smash is inviting you to a Patriot Picnic in San Diego:

We're asking everyone in San Diego to celebrate Independence Day a little bit early this year. On March 19, from 1 to 4pm, come to the west end of Balboa Park for a Patriots' Picnic, in the grassy area along Sixth Avenue, just south of Laurel Street.

Chris Short has a great post on what happened to him at Sea World. Supporters of our troops may not be as vocal as the traitorous "we support our troops, but not the war" lamers, but they are legion. Go read this entry quick.

The big, hairy Truth Laid Bear is going to get married and is looking for some advice.

The pretentious Preston Taylor Holmes of Six Meat Buffet has his Sunday poll up. Which headline would you rather see "Michael Jackson's body found after successful suicide attempt" or "Israel unleashes attack, annihilates Iran's nuclear development program. U.S. looks the other way, whistles.". Go tell him real quick-like.

So that wraps up the "help me please" edition...

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Posted by Digger on March 14, 2005 03:25 AM (Permalink)

» WuzzaDem linked with Hannity

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Thanks, Digger. This story needs to be told over and over again.

Posted by: Chris Short on March 14, 2005 05:26 AM

Pretentious?!?! You're going to pay for that one.

Posted by: Preston Taylor Holmes on March 14, 2005 12:11 PM

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