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Congressman James Sensenbrenner Introduces Immigration Reform Legislation

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Congressman James Sensenbrenner(R-WI) introduced legislation Wednesday that would deny illegal aliens drivers licenses, complete the fence along the border between California and Mexico and tighten requirements for requesting asylum so that it couldn't be abused.

Los Angeles Times

"We have to deal with the immigration issue," Sensenbrenner said at a news conference Wednesday. When this would occur, however, "is difficult for me to answer. If you look at what is on the plate of the Judiciary Committee, we are going to be plenty busy with other priorities, a lot of which are the priorities of the White House."

At the White House, the president said Wednesday it should be possible to recognize that "people are coming to our country to do jobs that Americans won't do," and, at the same time, protect the borders. But, he said, any revision of immigration law should "make sure that we don't disadvantage those who have stood in line for years to become a legal citizen."

How is the legislation that Sensenbrenner introduced disadvantaging anyone who is here legally? Tightening border controls along our southern border won't. Denying those here illegally a drivers license won't. Further defining our asylum policy won't. Of course proponents of open borders and illegal aliens came out crying.
Sensenbrenner's bill drew immediate criticism from immigrant rights advocates, who said that its provisions were anti-immigrant.

"None of the provisions that are in the bill will make us safer," said Kevin Appleby, director of migration and refugee policy for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Denying licenses to undocumented immigrants will "make our roads less safe," Appleby said, because many will drive without a license or insurance.


Sensenbrenner's approach "is sort of a shotgun approach … which will hurt a lot of innocent people and not necessarily protect us from the threat of terrorism," Appleby said.

How is requiring the showing of your immigration status anti-immigrant? Do legal immigrants normally walk through the desert or cross the Rio Grande to get back into America? These people are ignorant and don't have a leg to stand on.

How is his legislation a "shotgun approach"? Border, License and asylum are well defined tactics used by illegal aliens and the terrorists on 9/11 to get into the country illegally and move throughout the country.

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