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SaveOurState.org Listed As An Extremist Organization By Anti-Defamation League

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I received an email regarding a class a member of SaveOurState.org had to attend on hate crimes. To his amazement they lumped SaveOurState.org, a group in California that wants immigration reform implemented, as a hate crimes extremist group.

I covered the rally on January 15th, 2005 in Redondo Beach which went off a a peaceful demonstration of supporting reform. There are pictures and a description of the event at my entry "Rally Against Illegal Aliens In Redondo Beach A Success"


Hello All-

I attended a work sponsored Hate Crimes lecture today, administered by the Anti Defamation League. The recent Redondo Beach rally was addressed by the speaker, Joanna Mendelson (I do not have immediate address to her contact info, as I left it on my desk at work; hopefully the spelling is correct).

At any rate, she lectured in the afternoon session of the class and attempted to classify the Redondo Beach demonstration as an extremist hate group activity. She reported there were approximately 20 extremist demonstrators who attended the rally. She implied there were racist undertones and cited the rally being advertised on an extremist webiste named "stormfront." (In reality, approximately 75+ turned out!!! )

She indicated that such websites and activities are closely monitored by the ADL, and I gathered they might have been the organization who was videorecording the demonstration.

When she concluded her statement about the rally, I raised my hand and advised her of her inaccuracies. I reported it was a politically motivated rally and not an extremist hate group event. Despite mention on radical websites, I stated I felt it was unfair to lump saveourstate.org into this umbrella. She was familiar with the website, and immediately noted "Mr. Turner" was associated with saveourstate.org and spearheaded the Redondo rally. I stressed that because the two groups might have overlapping interests, it in no way meant they shared the same ideologies, across the board. I redirected the topic and stressed that it was purely a rally in regard to illegal immigration and controlling our borders.

She did retract her initial account and apologized for being misinformed. She expressed dissatisfaction with Mr. Turner's previous signature line, in regard to baseball bats. She was told he acknowledged the inappropriateness of the signature, and has since removed it. I thought this might prove to be an interesting topic around here. Granted misinformed publicity is not desirable, it was impressive to hear that the Anti-Illegal Immigration movement is picking up some more steam. I wanted to further credit Mr. Turner with making such a solid impact in a relatively short period of time. Keep up the good work!

Since when is wanting immigration reform and peaceful protesting an extremist act. This is outrageous!

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Posted by Digger on January 27, 2005 10:06 AM (Permalink)

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First of all, what are the odds that someone attending a rally that is called an extremist hate event gets a chance to confront someone face to face on their accusation?

Second, how many times have this representative and others in the ADL perpetuated this lie to their captive audiences.

Somehow I doubt that this was the first time...

Posted by: Joseph Turner on January 27, 2005 10:29 AM

i find it repulsive, that saveourstate.org can even be labeled a hateful and extremist group. In my opinion the ADL is the hate group with placing labels on people. The ADL has lost all credibility as far as i'm concerned....

Posted by: concerned about the ADL on March 24, 2010 12:01 AM

ADL is a extremist org.

based on:

='Tikkun Olam' = Shaping the world towards jewish beliefs (read: jewish and Israel interests)

jews = Edomites (and Khazars) claiming to be children of biblical jews and chosen ones which is a lie.
thinking they have the authority to rule over folks and nations worldwide, corrupting and destroying the societies that welcomed them in, commanding them what to do and how to do it (READ: in correlation with ADL doctrines)

ADL is the most dangerous org. anywhere and should be dismantled and forbidden WORLDWIDE.

why don't we never here ADL about Israel mistreating Libanese, Palestines, muslims and christians?

BECAUSE ADL IS a Mossad/ "Israel" proxy and forefront and it is not in there interest to do so.

If jews have a "right" to out ban Goyim in there Israel:
The should keep there mouth shut about Americans that want to do something about Aztlan invasions, because the USA jew controlled government doesn't do anything about it or sabotage REAL actions against it (on command of ADL and alike).

To hell with ADL !

Whites should take there countries back and have laws that serves there own people. NOT international treaties and so called hate laws (created by ADL fronts) that forbid white people to go for there OWN interest.

Third world immigration and multi culti sucks. It is not in our interest
and ADL sucks to.
They are zionazis. All of them.
jews want multi culti and pluriformism so they can better hide in white nations doing there parasitic work.

That's the truth and they hate anybody who mention it. Labeling them anti-semites. A word made up to silence there critics that expose there scams. The politics of antisemitism will end and the occult cabalistic Edomite will pay.

to hell with there internationalism and one-world Babylon.
Burn it to the ground and every kike that supports it with it.

Posted by: happy goy on August 24, 2010 06:57 PM

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