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FBI Looking For Dirty Bomb In Boston, Smuggled Through Mexico

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dirty_bomb_suspect.jpg The FBI is on the lookout for 4 chinese nationals -- identified as Zengrong Lin, Wen Quin Zheng, Xiujin Chen and Guozhi Lin -- and two Iraqi men who are thought to have access to a dirty bomb that was smuggled through Mexico. A man called from Mexico to report that he had smuggled the individuals across the border and they had told him that a dirty bomb was going to be smuggled to them soon.

Boston Herald

"He refers to some sort of nuclear material that will follow them through New York up into Boston."

The threat was serious enough that Mayor Thomas M. Menino hunkered down with Police Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole and Fire Commissioner Paul Christian and the city's Homeland Security chief in his office at City Hall. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency also activated its bunker in Framingham with a downscaled staff.

According to the source, the caller has not identified himself and did not show up for a meeting with federal investigators in California, but he did leave pictures and the names of two Chinese men and two Chinese women - reportedly chemists - at a "drop" site at the Mexico-California border. The information also makes reference to something happening "within four days," said another law enforcement source.

There are doubts about the validity of the single source, but they have found the spot he says he smuggled them across and are taking the information seriously and looking into it.
"I'm shocked it made it into the newspaper because I don't think it is something that has been fully vetted," Card said.


Attorney General Tom Reilly also downplayed the seriousness of the tip last night. "We don't even know if these individuals are in the country," Reilly said, adding "it's information that needs to be followed up."


Multiple sources said there is speculation the caller may have been ripped off by the illegal aliens and is now trying to exact revenge.

"It's very weird. Even if (the Iraqis and Chinese) were going to do something, why would they be blabbing to the yahoo smuggling them across the border?" one source noted. "You have to wonder if they screwed him on a deal but you have to treat it seriously and the issue is how do you put it out to the public and not get everybody (in a panic)?"

If this is false I hope they hunt this fucker down and fry him. The one good point about this is it shines a bright light on our dispicable souther border protection and just how easy it is to suddenly be faced with a potential crisis of this enormous magnitude.

Tipped by: Backcountry Conservative who has all of the information. If you happen to not find what you want on Jeff's site, look at the sites below.

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