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China Continues Threats Against Taiwan, Will "Crush" Them

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China is in the midst of drafting a bill that would legally require Beijing to take military action if Taiwan declares independence. Taiwan, an island nation of 23 million, split from China in 1949.

The Age

Relations between China and Taiwan are grim and the mainland will crush any major moves towards independence by the island no matter what the cost, the government said in a policy paper on national defence on Monday.

The comments came as China's parliament discussed a draft anti-secession law that analysts say may contain clauses that would legally bind Beijing to take military action if the island Beijing claims as a renegade province ever declared independence.


"Should the Taiwan authorities go so far as to make a reckless attempt that constitutes a major incident of 'Taiwan independence', the Chinese people and armed forces will resolutely and thoroughly crush it at any cost," it said.


On Sunday, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, or parliament, praised the draft anti-secession law and unanimously suggested that it be submitted for deliberation at a session of parliament early next year.

It seems to me that this is all about ego. There really is no need economically or militarily for China to hang on to Taiwan. China has an ample supply of land and manpower. I am fairly ignorant of the relations and past animosities between the two nations and any other underlying issues other than the obvious political and egocentric reasons for China making this such an issue. Maybe someone could enlighten me a little more.

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Posted by Digger on December 28, 2004 05:31 AM (Permalink)

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I recommend you to read my post (12/12/03), REFERENDUM IN TAIWAN ON 03/20/04, and follow the links for more information on Taiwan R.O.C (Republic of China).

Posted by: Martin Lindeskog on December 28, 2004 06:19 AM

I think that it has to do with history. Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Chek's Kuomintang (Nationalists) and Mao Tse-Tung's Communists were bitter enemies, and fought for control of China for nearly 20 years before the issue was decided in 1949.

Chiang came close to destroying the Communists about 1936, but Mao (with Chou En Lai) saved the Communist Army through the brilliant retreat known to history as the "Long March."

The Kuomintang's monumental corruption and inefficiency were as much a threat to "free" China as were the Communitsts, so they were unable to "finish-off" the Communists.

The two sides fought each other as much as they did the invading Japanese in World War II.

Mao was very favorably disposed toward the United States, but partly because of Madame Chiang's charisma, (and because Chiang made encouraging noises about Democracy) the Americans threw in their lot with the Kuomintang.

Predictably, Chinese peasants saw the Communists as their advocates against the depradations of their landlords, who (predictably) were supported by Chiang's Kuomintang.

When the Japanese surrendered, the Russians occuppied Manchuria, and gave enormous amounts of weapons to the Communists.

The Americans continued to supply an increasingly corrupt Kuomintang regime.

Inevitably, the Communists gained control of China province-by-province. Finally, with US help, the Kuomintang evacuated their last foothold on the mainland, Canton, in 1949.

Chiang and his followers retreated to Formosa (Taiwan)and the small islands of Quemoy and Matsu. They continued to be the DE JURE Chinese Government until expelled by the United Nations about 1971. They styled themselves as the Republic of China.

The Authoritarian Chinese regime views Taiwan as an uncontrolled national territory, and will NEVER recognize the independence of another nation-state there. Taiwan continues to call itself "The Republic of China," and uses the 1912-1949 flag. (Which I think is a much prettier symbol of China than the one used by the Communists.)

The Chinese (on both sides) are a patient people. They always consider the "long view."They will wait several hundred years if necessary, but sooner or later, China will be ruled by one government.

What puzzles me is this, "Why is the US Government always kissing-up to the Authoritarian Regime?"

Posted by: EdWonk on December 28, 2004 08:09 PM

I believe it comes down to capitalism blinding common sense. The economic ties we have with China, if cut off, would cripple the US for quite awhile since we have allowed so much of our manufacturing to be outsourced there.

It's kind of "don't bite the hand that feeds you" even if that hand is a bunch of communist swine.

Posted by: Digger on December 28, 2004 10:33 PM

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