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San Francisco Overreacts, Tries To Ban Guns

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In the biggest case of knee jerk reactions in history, San Francisco's Supervisors have proposed sweeping gun bans because their homicide rate climbed from 70 cases in 2003 to 86 in 2004. With no research into how or why the homicide rate increased they have simply come to the conclusion that it's "those darned guns".


San Francisco supervisors want voters to approve a sweeping handgun ban that would prohibit almost everyone except law enforcement officers, security guards and military members from possessing firearms in the city.

The measure, which will appear on the municipal ballot next year, would bar residents from keeping guns in their homes or businesses, Bill Barnes, an aide to Supervisor Chris Daly, said Wednesday. It would also prohibit the sale, manufacturing and distribution of handguns and ammunition in San Francisco, as well as the transfer of gun licenses.

Barnes said the initiative is a response to San Francisco's skyrocketing homicide rate, as well as other social ills. There have been 86 murders in the city so far this year [From Jan. to Dec. - ed] compared to 70 in all of 2003.

"The hope is twofold, that officers will have an opportunity to interact with folks and if they have a handgun, that will be reason enough to confiscate it," he said. "Second, we know that for even law-abiding folks who own guns, the rates of suicide and mortality are substantially higher. So while just perceived to be a crime thing, we think there is a wide benefit to limiting the number of guns in the city."

Now I'm not a gun nut. I'm not the guy you go to when you need to know how many rounds an SKS can let off in under a minute. I'm not a fucking idiot though like the supervisor above. With absolutely no research or reason at all they figure banning guns will not only reduce crime, but cure the social ills of suicide. Trust 'em they know what's good for you. The part that I found most troubling is the banning of guns even in a business. That's just total bullshit.

The cavalry is on the way though, reigning in these Asshats from the bay.

The proposal was immediately dismissed as illegal, however, by Gun Owners of California, a Sacramento-based lobbying group. Sam Paredes, the group's executive director, said the state has for years had a "pre-emption law" on the books that bars local governments from usurping the state's authority to regulate firearms.

"The amazing thing is they are going to turn San Francisco into ground zero for every criminal who wants to profit at their chosen profession," Paredes said. "People are going to be assaulted, people are going to be robbed, people are going to be pushed around by thugs and the police are going to be powerless to do anything about it."


Washington, D.C. is the only major American city that currently bans handgun possession by private citizens. Andrew Arulanandam, director of public affairs for the National Rifle Association, said San Francisco officials are remiss to use the District of Columbia's experience as a model.

"If gun control worked, Washington, D.C. would be the beacon. However, it's the murder capital of the United States," Arulanandam said.

That last quote is just gold when it comes to going against these "holier than thou" socialists against guns.

Tipped by: Say Anything who has a whole lot more to say on this issue. Go read it now.

And after you get done with Rob, you just have to read Tom over at MuD & PHuD for his absolutely brilliant Constitutionality of this act.

Michelle Malkin also rings in.

Chad at In The Bullpen finally gets around to addressing this issue (and crossposting it to The Jawa Report as well).

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