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Around The Blogosphere In 80 Seconds #7

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Ahh, the 80 second challenge rears its ugly head. There's sure to be something you've missed around the blogosphere. See if you can get through these in under 80 seconds -- or 80 minutes for that matter.

(All links open in a new window for faster cruising)

Outside the Beltway reports that Dick Clark has had a stroke.

Rooftop Report has details on John Kerry not paying his election staff. He also digs up some dirt on Bernard Kerik, nominee for Homeland Security Director, filing bankruptcy in 1987.

Rightwingsparkle has her own awads ceremony "SUPERSPARKLE'S FIRST ANNUAL BLOG AWARDS!!!!!!". However she left off poor old Digger as "Best poolboy Who Blogs". *tsk tsk*

Hyscience reports on Ex-Baathists directing attacks from inside Syria.

Truth Laid Bear tells us he's finally fixed the bug that dropped Diggers Realm from #260 to #619. How annoying it was to lose about 340+ links.

The Education Wonks has a story on President Bush giving $20 million of US Taxpayer money to the Palestinian Authority for "Overdue Utility Bills". WTF?!?

Powerline and Captain Ed tag team the Intelligence reform bill.

I have been brought up on charges by The Commissar.

Michelle Malkin outs herself. She's a lefty.

mhking over at Ramlings' Journal covers the new Battlestar Galactica series which starts on the Sci-Fi Channel January 14th. I watched the miniseries and was a bit put off by the many sex scenes that added nothing to the story. Within the first 5 minutes you're bombarded by some raunchy sex. I love sex, but there's sexy and then there's just lame soft softcore porn for no reason. If I wanted some steamy sex scenes I woulda watched something else.

Allah shows up in a Protein Wisdom post and all hell -- and the funny -- breaks loose.

The Moderate Voice has the low down on two popular journalists who have been let go by their papers.

The Galvin Opinion reports on Europe's prison system being filled with Muslims and Europes racist treatment of their immigrants.

SlantPoint pimps General Hayden for National Intelligence Director.

From Preston Taylor Holmes we get this lovely story on fat Americans breaking seats on the Queen Mary 2. Sure, blame it on our obesity because you don't know how to make a fucking chair! Great pic he has too, must see!

Get a free vasectomy by using a laptop on your nuts. So says Say Anything

One Fine Jay reviews McDonalds Authentic Philly Cheesesteak. They have one? I heard the McRib is back, but a cheesesteak? WTF?!?

Ace of Spades comments on the anniversary of John Lennons death yesterday.

The Sundries Shack speculated that those demanding the recount in Ohio are strictly doing it for cheap worldwide media advertising.

California Yankee informs us that the Hubble telescope is probably doomed as a new NASA report has been released.

Cranky Neocon has a really cool Nazi optical illusion.

David at In Search Of Utopia is sick of it dammit!

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Posted by Digger on December 9, 2004 04:21 AM (Permalink)

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Take a look at the Galactica series when it comes on -- the first episode, is especially gripping. The series is far more dark and forboding than the 70s version ever was. The acting is much less wooden than it was in the miniseries, and the military feel, along with the echoes of a post-disaster society really hit hard in this episode.

There is still some room for improvement -- there's an upcoming episode with original series star Richard Hatch as an imprisoned political dissident with a more than moonbat outlook on the society could have been better if it weren't for Hatch's scenery chewing performance.

And while McConnell can't seem to get the role of bureaucrat quite right in the miniseries, she has grown into the role, giving an especially strong turn in the episode that premiered this week on Sky One (if I told you how I got ahold of it, I'd have to kill you), Olmos carries the brunt of this series. You see how the sheer gravity of the situation that faces the 50,000 some-odd remaining humans weighs on him as military commander.

I have been truly impressed with the show, and though I've seen the first eight episodes for this season (there's 13 in all), I'll watch again when they start appearing on SciFi next month. A decision regarding a second season is due in February or March.

Based on quality alone, I'd say to bank on the second season.

Posted by: Michael on December 9, 2004 06:08 AM

Those would be 'awards' dear. And you didn't look closely enough...try again.

Posted by: Rightwingsparkle on December 9, 2004 07:30 AM

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