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Around The Blogosphere In 80 Seconds #6

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Ahh, the 80 second challenge rears its ugly head. There's sure to be something you've missed around the blogosphere. See if you can get though these in under 80 seconds.

(All links open in a new window for faster cruising)

In Search of Utopia Checks out the new Microsoft blogging service and takes a stand against the ACLU in the Boyscout case.

Michelle Malkin comments on the Intelligence Reform Bill and it's immigration provisions.

Wes Roth has comments on Protest carolers at the Parade of Lights in Denver and Afghanistan developing Bin Ladens Hideout as a tourist attraction

Chad at In the Bullpen has reports on anti-Muslim racism in Europe and Rusty adds a few things.

Chad also reports on Saudi Arabia broadcasting clips of parents who are angry at their kids for doing terrorist acts. Even a terrorist is afraid of their mother when she's angry.

Just One Minute has a good report on Social Security, the Bush Administrations stance and privatization.

Beautiful Atrocities covers Barbara Boxers latest novel "Lucky Bitch".

Ace of Spades covers a soccer player who lost a finger while celebrating a goal and also his millionth unique visitor! Congrats Ace!

AlphaPatriot reports that some US lawmakers are calling for a holding back of funds unless the UN turns over all records in the oil for food scandal.

Jane at Armies of Liberation found a story that claims 25% of the children of the wealthy in China have contemplated suicide.

SoCalLawBlog tells of the latest laws introduced in California. Including the state having to pick up the tab for the Scott Peterson trial, an increase of the minimum wage to $7.75 an hour and banning of the use of a "Redskins" mascot by any school beginning in 2007.

Blogs of War has a piece on a Marine who received a Silver Star, including a link to why he got it.

California Yankee tells us that John Young, who walked on the moon and commanded the first space shuttle mission, is retiring from NASA this month at 74 years old.

Captain's Quarters says Maureen Dowd wants to "rip [Frosty the Snowman's] frozen face off."

Cranky Neocon was physically assaulted over the 2004 Weblog Awards.

Dean's World informs us that when President Franklin Roosevelt first created the Social Security system, he proposed that it should start as a government-funded system but that within ten years or so it should be transitioned to privately held accounts

Ramblings' Journal reports that Mfume didn't resign from the NAACP, but was kicked out.

Half of Canada's strippers are foreign trained, so says Right Thinking From The Left Coast

Six Meat Buffet warns us to be careful when bouncing golf balls in parking lots or angry women drivers in SUV's may deliberately run you over.

The Galvin Opinion says 31 percent of seniors on Medicare say they haven’t enrolled in the MDDC program because of "criticism of the Medicare bill." If not registered by Dec. 31 they will lose the benefit of the prescription drug plan.

The Moderate Voice is thrilled that shorts of The Three Stooges are in color.

The Commisar has showtrial #31.

Wizbang has a poll on who you think will win Survivor. Don't miss The Shape Of Days episode 12 "analysis".

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Posted by Digger on December 7, 2004 04:39 AM (Permalink)

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How the hell do you do all that in 80 seconds?

Posted by: Preston Taylor Holmes on December 7, 2004 06:04 AM

I have 6 fingers, haven't you seen me in the commercials?

Posted by: Digger on December 7, 2004 07:03 PM

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