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Palestinian Authority Says Arafat Age Is Over, To Divide Responsibilities

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Well this is great news for the Israeli's. Without a leader these factions of the Palestinians will be fighting for power. If not all out civil war then political infighting that will stagnate and weaken the terrorists in that part of the world. While Arafat wasn't in complete control of all of the Palestinian terrorists there, they now have no one to direct their actions and will splinter into ineffective factions.


The sources also said Arafat, 75, is not in complete control of his mental faculties and cannot make important decisions or communicate coherently.


In Ramallah, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qorei and former Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas have assumed additional responsibilities during Arafat's absence, Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erakat said.

Abbas, secretary-general of the executive committee of the PLO, is acting chairman of the PLO, and Qorei, deputy head of the national security council, is acting head of the security committee, Erakat said.


The sources close to the Palestinian leadership said some Palestinians oppose making any formal plan while Arafat is alive and would rather have communiques issued in his name. There is no agreement, and there is still something of a power struggle under way, the sources said.

Both Abbas and Qorei have publicly been at odds with Arafat, even as they have stated allegiance to him.

Each complained he was not allowed enough power over security forces or finances to allow important steps in improving Palestinian life and reducing terrorist attacks by Palestinian militant groups.

And there you have it. They both disagree with Arafat. The people don't want either of them making decisions while he's alive and they both complain of a lack of power, the makings of a good all out fight.

My prediction is that each will claim Arafat has said to do it one way or the other and then things will heat up. Arafat now joins the likes of Pope John Paul as a living shell of a man with those around them making decisions in their name.

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