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John And Ken Show Complaint Filed With FEC by GOP

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A complain has been filed with the Federal Election Commission against the John and Ken Show in Los Angeles by the National Republican Congressional committee. John and Ken have been constantly calling for Republicans to toss out David Dreier, a Republican representative. They have called him out on his lack of enforcement of illegal immigration and have asked for his defeat as a sacrificial lamb to show other representatives that people aren't fucking around anymore with the immigration issue.

To be fair they have also called out a Democrat, Joe Baca, to be slaughtered as well, to keep things even.

Now the GOP has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission claiming that the John and Ken Show has made an illegal in-kind contribution to Democrat Cynthia Mathews, Dreiers opponent, by doing so.


"This behavior is illegal and must be appropriately punished," the [National Republican Congressional] committee says, adding that violating the law carries a penalty of fines and jail time.


A call to Dreier's office was not immediately returned Saturday morning. Dreier did not join the committee in filing the complaint.

Kobylt and Chiampou say Dreier has turned down invitations to appear on the show to defend his record. Matthews has appeared on the show.

"If they really believe it, I think they're nuts," Kobylt said.

He added that the show actively backed last year's recall of former Gov. Gray Davis and supported the candidacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose campaign was co-chaired by Dreier.

"Congressman Dreier was on our show often and never complained" about any illegal campaign contributions at the time, Kobylt said.

I kinda hope it does work, if it is a one for one trade. The only thing that slants it is that Dreier is a high ranking Republican and would have a slightly more destructive affect than Baca losing his position.

It'd be nice to be able to say to your congressman in the future "Deal with the issue or you're fuckin' toast, like Dreier".

See here for more background on all of this.

Hat tip: Blogs of War

Other Commentary

CalBlog has extensive coverage including the filed documents

The Moderate Voice has a great piece on this.


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This is as great a tragedy as when the Democrats went after Sinclair television for trying to broadcast "Stolen Honor." Our campaign finance laws are the most awful insult to the first amendment of my lifetime. With both parties now routinely using these laws to shut down dissenting voices, it's time to start a movement to abolish these insidious laws.

Posted by: Dean Esmay on October 31, 2004 10:09 AM

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