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Around The Blogosphere In 80 Seconds

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See if you can get through these - sometimes - hilarious entries from around the blogosphere in under 80 seconds (all links open in a new window for faster browsing).

Alarming News covering a republican student kicked in the shins by his economics professor for wearing a pro-Republican shirt.

Cranky Neocon started a new job in Philly and managed to snap some pics of the Clinton crowd downtown.

Crooked Timber makes some comments on the "Assassinate Bush" article.

Dean's World on peoples weird eating habits in diners.

In Search Of Utopia compares Jimmy Carters hostage failure to Iraq hostage's and Bush's "failure".

INDC takes honorable mention in Washington Post best blogs of 2004. Congrats Bill!.

In The Bullpen is looking for some help on getting a new host and maybe a dollar to support the move. Go help Chad out!

The Jawa Report reports on "If you buy a fake Gucci bag, you're supporting terrorism!"

La Shawn Barber are you "a Christian or a liberal?"

Oliver Willis bitches about La Shawn Barbers "a Christian or a liberal?" entry above.

One Fine Jay on how Kerrys bragging is "reminiscent of a high school student who constantly brags about sexual escapades that never happened."

PoliBlogger makes some more toast. Yummy!

Protein Wisdom continues the exclusive coverage of what Martha Stewart is writing in her prison diary.

Ramblings' Journal reporting on "Pretty Boy Edwards gets endorsement from black church in Cincinnati"

Right on Red is sick of trolling comments on his blog and tells them how to do it right.

Right Thinking On The Left Coast advocates "a De-Mexicanized Zone" similar to Koreas DMZ along our southern border. You go gi... err.

Rooftop Report says this about seeing an Eminem vote video "It sounds weird and foreign to say it, but this video hit me hard.". what?!?

Say Anything about a bunch of Bush's cousins setting up a website that says "Please, don't vote for our cousin."

SlantPoint is looking for some writing contributors.

The Anti-idiotarian Rottweiler on the EU's Economic Initiative being called a "Big Failure" by the European Commission president.

The Galvin Opinion on Kerry lying about being at game 6 of the 1986 World Series. A long article with timelines, shuttle schedules and maps and shit, wtf! heh.

The Moderate Voice covers Castro's nnouncement that Cuba will stop using the U.S. Dollar for their currency beginning Nov. 8th. Good riddance!

Jay Tea at Wizbang talks about how "Uncle" John Kerry is an old family friend of his. Excerpt "One of the oldest items I have is a Christmas card from Uncle John. It's from 1969, when I was barely two years old. I even saved the envelope it came in - I was fascinated by the Cambodian stamp and postmark on it, even at that age."

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