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Weekly Poll: "How Should The Tax System Be Reformed?"

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This weeks poll is on the tax system and how it should be reformed.

Your choices are:

  • Flat Tax
  • National Sales Tax
  • Luxury Tax Only
  • Keep The Current System
  • Company Tax Only
  • Income Tax Only
  • Privatize Everything
  • You can comment below on the lack of options, my choice of options or other ways the system can be reformed.

    A little note on one of the options "Privatize Everything" by this it would result in companies taking care of roads with tolls instead of taxes.

    Vote now in the poll box on the left.

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    Posted by Digger on October 25, 2004 12:37 AM (Permalink)

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    Hmmmm, kind of like the last one . . almost too simplistic. None of the tax reforms by themselves would solve the complex problem of too many kinds of Taxpayers.

    I argue that the present system is like "Grandma's refrigerator door", a patchwork of rules and regulations that has been new at one time and oboslete at another, never being remanded, just enacted over. Thus we have a boxcar full of 8 by 10 letter size pages, contradictary, redundant, often out of date and requiring a lawyer a minute to interpet any of them . . .

    Our Income tax laws could be simplified to 10 pages and should be. Business needs vary to the size of business', and every income earner needs to pay some kind of tax. It's their investment in their country!

    A combination of National sales tax and a Itiemized Business Tax would probably be the best. However one of the greatest criteria for any of this would be a national agreement on what the tax should be . . The Democrats want 17 to 25 %, while the Republicans are all over the map fron 5% to 18% . . pick a number!

    And a Business or Corporate tax would be necessary, call it a use tax or whatever. Here you go, this would have the members of the House of Represenatives shooting each other in the Aisles (Not too bad a thought, hmmm?) as this bunch has got to be the most emotional bunch of Idiots in the whole world (Including the Itialian Parlament? YES!) !

    The whole re-writing would be fun to watch though! But it would never happen . . . The new 10 page act would end up filling TWO boxcars because all 535 Members of our Congress would have to have a passage or paragraph as well as a trillion dollars worth of pork attached to it. Look at the HIPPA act!

    Posted by: large on October 25, 2004 10:13 AM

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