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Did Kenneth Bigley Escape With The Help Of MI6?

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There's a new article out today in the Times Online (Hat tip: Blogs of War) that says there are claims Kenneth Bigley actually escaped from his captors with the help of MI6 operatives.
Disguised in an Arab robe and headdress, the British hostage Ken Bigley escaped from his captors in Iraq by car the day before they beheaded him, it was claimed last night.

A Saudi described as a spokesman for the group that kidnapped Bigley said two of his captors had accepted a large sum of money to help him flee after three weeks of captivity. The money was provided by a Syrian and an Iraqi who had penetrated the group on behalf of British intelligence, the spokesman claimed.

Bigley was bundled into the car last Wednesday and driven towards the safety of an area under the control of American forces near Latifiya, southwest of Baghdad, he said.

But after only five minutes the vehicle was halted by other members of the Tawhid and Jihad terrorist group.

The terrorists, who were patrolling the road in two separate cars, were from a different cell but recognised Bigley’s face and detained him, along with his companions.

They took the 62-year-old Liverpool engineer back to the house where he had been held, and he was beheaded on Thursday. His two helpers were also executed, the spokesman said.

Read the rest of the article which covers where the claim came from, how credible it is and even some eyewitnesses to his recapture.

This is an incredible story. If it is true it shows just how close we are coming to taking out some of these terrorists.

The sooner the better.

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Posted by Digger on October 10, 2004 08:42 AM (Permalink)

» Cardens.Net linked with MI-6 Involved In Bigley Escape Attempt?

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Ah its so sad they were so close to escaping and the two MI5 guys got it too.

Posted by: Jane on October 11, 2004 06:01 AM

The beheading of all three hostages is just an absolute pity, and only worsens the situation. I sympathise with the families of these men who were just trying to make an honest living for themselves and their families.

World peace could never be achieved with such acts of terrorism, and the best we can do is to encourage more dialogue, but never give in to the demands of the so-called terrorists. The blood of the innocent is on their hands and they (terrorists) cannot lie to us that they feel as sense of winning and achievement by carrying out such dastardly acts.

My heart bleeds for all those who have suffered such a fate in the hands of these terrorists, and God Almighty's judgement is upon them.

Posted by: Pamela on October 11, 2004 06:09 AM

I realize that we can't prevent these evil and derranged "things" from putting these videos on the net, however, I think we've all seen enough beheadings. I think our media has a responsiblity to handle these videos with the utmost confidentiality from here on out. They are otherwise playing with the terrorists. The scum wants the media's full attention, to tell us about the beheadings and that the videos are available for all to see. I will never be the same after watching Jack Hensley's slaughter, I can't imagine the children that are viewing these and I'm 44yrs. old. I do not need to see poor Mr. Bigley's slaughter. If the media would stop "playing with them" then their game would be over. And whoever would jeopardize themselves in Iraq as a civilian, should know that there is a chance that they will be taken hostage and worst, beheaded, but without media coverage. No one would know! We can't keep playing with these most evil people on earth! We basically used Jack Hensley's death to promote their terror / cause! Let alone the evil poison spweded on each one of us who has watched one! I have been "terrorized" by these people after watching one of these videos. No More!

Posted by: Concerned on October 14, 2004 05:14 PM

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