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John Howard Wins In Australia

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John Howard won a 4th term in Australia. This is great news for the coalition and for any rational minded peoples of the world. Unlike Spain and the Philippines, Australia has shown that a true friend doesn't fold like a wet piece of cardboard at the drop of a hat.

Even with the Kerry campaign sticking their nose into the Australian election and claiming that "Allying with the US makes you less safe" the Aussies saw through their bullshit and voted in the right man for the job.


Prime Minister John Howard's conservative alliance handily won a fourth term in Australia's parliamentary elections Saturday, overcoming widespread anger at his decision to send troops to Iraq last year and his pledge to keep them there.

The island continent's robust economy under Howard's leadership apparently trumped concerns about the war. It has grown during every one of his nine years in office, with unemployment close to all-time lows and inflation running at just 2 percent.


A jubilant Howard claimed victory late Saturday in front of hundreds of cheering supporters at a Sydney hotel after it became clear his government would increase its majority in the 150-seat lower house of parliament, where government is formed.

Others commenting on this tremendous victory:

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Posted by Digger on October 9, 2004 06:41 PM (Permalink)

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g'day mate!

Just an aussie saying cheers for the positive attitude! Its nice to see an American actually giving positive remarks to our nations close ties. Its bloody annoying listening to Labour crap on about keeping close ties with you yanks. God I hope labour doesnt get power again. Last time they did that, we almost went bankrupt.

Recently I was able to travel to the USA (east coast). Loved it! You guys have a great country and you should be proud of that.

Oh, and don't fret. It may seem you guys have no friends left in the world. But don't worry, we're around :P

Good luck mate.

Posted by: Tim Marley on March 25, 2007 06:16 AM

I love Australia. I've been to Sydney and Townsville. I just hope you all don't let your country go to pot with all the immigration problems you guys seem to be having there. We've got our own problems here in the US (mainly of the illegal variety), but I've been hearing about racial issues going on there, particularly with middle eastern immigrants and roving gangs.

Aussies are the most welcoming people I think I've experienced in the world (and I've been to countries throughout all of Asia). I'd hate to see Australia change for the worse.

Take care my Aussie friend!

Posted by: Digger on March 25, 2007 09:30 AM

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