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Democrat Charlie Rangel's Draft Bill Shot Down

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The draft bill, introduced by Democrat Charlie Rangle and trumpeted across the world in emails saying that the Republicans and President Bush wanted to reinstate the draft if he's re-elected, was rejected today.

The final vote was 402 Nays and 2 Yeas (to see who the asshats who voted yes to reinstate the draft see this results page. Hint: They're both Democrats).

So why, I ask did Charlie Rangle not vote for his own bill that he introduced into the house? Maybe because he was full of crap?

San Francisco Chronicle

Persistent election-year rumors that President Bush has a secret plan to reinstate the draft if he is re-elected led Republican House leaders Tuesday to force a vote that overwhelmingly rejected a bill to reinstate conscription.


The Republicans say Democratic candidates, party organizations and such youth-oriented independent groups as Rock the Vote are spreading the rumor that a draft is imminent.

"This campaign is a baseless, malevolent concoction of the Democrat Party, '' House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas said during a pointed, sometimes angry partisan debate. "It has one purpose and one purpose only ... to spread fear ... and undermine our commander in chief in an election year. Well, Mr. Speaker, it's a lie.''

So what do the democrats have to say about all of this?
Liberal Democratic lawmakers, led by Rep. Charles Rangel of New York and Rep. Pete Stark of Fremont, had introduced the bill in January 2003 as a protest against the Bush administration's increasing moves toward war in Iraq.

Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Pa., the ranking Democrat on the House military appropriations subcommittee, said he supports a draft as a matter of fairness and because the Bush administration has stretched the regular military and the National Guard and Reserves to the breaking point. "We are in a war," he said, "and not only a small segment of our population should fight our wars.

"Everyone, rich and poor, should serve in the military of the United States,'' added Murtha, a Marine veteran -- and, with Stark, the only lawmakers to vote in favor of the bill.


"As many times as the administration says they are against a draft, all one hears on the Internet and around the country is that we're going to have a draft,'' [Charlie Rangle] said.

Stark, explaining his vote in favor, said, "I don't put in bills capriciously. I believe the bill was the right thing to do when we proposed it, and I still do.''

Yeah Charlie, the Internet is the cause of why the draft was brought up. Thanks for wasting our money on this stupid shit, asshole!

Hat Tip: California Yankee who has a lot more to say on this. (Really, he does. Come on click the linky link.)

The Commisar fisks it hard over at The Politburo Diktat baby!

Chadster at Ubique Patriam Reminisci has an annoyed, yet humorous take. poor kitties :(

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Posted by Digger on October 6, 2004 06:03 AM (Permalink)

» Cranky Neocon linked with Vote Democrat And Get Drafted!

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Isn't it a waste of taxpayer dollars to introduce a frivolous bill that the congressman knows will be defeated especially when he votes against it himself? If there isn't a congressional rule against such waste, there should be.

Posted by: ferdinand2004 on October 7, 2004 03:41 AM

I totally agree. He just wasted 404 of our representatives time. Not to mention all of their staff, all the costs of printing up the bill etc etc...


Posted by: Digger on October 7, 2004 08:09 AM

This truly shows how corrupt politics has gotten lately. That there is now a need to resort to preying on the citizens fears of a draft. Since Vietnam no one has really wanted a draft and there has yet to be a need for one. One thing is for sure I hope that these congressmen that voted for the draft will not be forgotten when election day comes around.

Posted by: IceKing2005 on October 27, 2004 06:07 AM

My opinion the Democracts like to make things up and stretch the truth just to make themselves look good and Bush is not even thinking about putting the draft into consideration and as an American citizen I gladly thank him for that

Posted by: Amber on November 3, 2004 04:59 PM

There is nothing wrong with a draft system to fight wars of substance and of purpose. All Americans should be willing to go to war in defense of their country, way of life and values. The problem with this Rangle bill is that it seems a bad idea when Bush is in office but it seems a worthy issue when a socialist piece of shit like Obama is in office. The PROBLEMS dear patriots with Rangles proposal are not clear based on your postings. All that is clear is that none of you care to defend your nation. Rangle is a career creep - He must be removed along with Watson Feinstein Boxer Pelosi and Reid and Schumer. But what about you cowardly semi-Americans? You are bitching about something that is a way of life for 18 year old Israeli girls and boys! The Israelis Conscript their kids into at least 2 years of military duty - Why do American diapered adults complain of having to serve their country? There is something very bad about Rangles Draft Bill but NOT that Americans have to serve & perhaps die in defense of their country and Constitution. 11,000 men faced the British - 3 percent of the population of the colonies at that time in 1773. You all need to find the reason why Rangles bill is illegal - because he wants the draftees to be loyal to Obama --That is like being loyal to Hitler! This is the reason to dislike Rangle and Rangles Bill. The next step for you who are 18 to 37 years is enlist in the Military. If you are older, Enlist in your State Military Reserve. Stop acting like a bunch of diapered babies at the sound of war - Freedom is NOT free, and the sound of Freedom is LOUD - stop shitting your pants and grow a set of balls. This is 2010 and you have a Commie in the white house - get him out!

Posted by: 1LTLos on August 4, 2010 10:25 AM

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